In the fast-paced world of tech recruitment, Blake Thompson, the Tech Recruitment Manager at The Candidate, finds himself at the crossroads of talent and opportunity. Armed with a portfolio of skilled developers ready to take the next leap in their careers, he also holds a lengthy list of clients eagerly seeking top-tier talent to enhance their teams. In this article, Blake delves into the intriguing stories of developers and teams that have not only attracted but successfully retained their valuable tech talent. Against the backdrop of a persistent shortage of skilled developers in the northern regions, the narrative unfolds with insights into the reasons behind this retention success.





The flexibility to work remotely or choose flexible working hours has become increasingly important to developers. Companies that recognize and accommodate diverse work styles and preferences are better positioned to retain their talent. The ability to adapt to a changing work landscape and offer remote work options can significantly influence a developer's decision to stay.

I have found that across the board this has got better but also it is now a hard selling point if a role is office based, as my candidates have such a wide range of fully remote and hybrid roles to chose from. I would often suggest that after a probation period that a business would try to offer some sort of flexible working option as a minimum.


Challenge and Excitement:

Developers are motivated by challenging and engaging projects that allow them to apply their skills and creativity. Companies that provide intellectually stimulating work and diverse projects keep developers excited and invested in their roles. The opportunity to work on cutting-edge technologies and solve complex problems contributes to a sense of accomplishment and job satisfaction.

This is high on the list, many of the developers I represent ended up developing because of their love of Tech and nothing excites them more than being up to date and at the forefront of what’s on offer. So businesses that invest in keeping on top of technology and trial new softwares etc will keep their developers interested.


Good Team Dynamics and Culture:

 A positive team culture and effective team dynamics play a crucial role in retaining developers. A collaborative and inclusive work environment, where individuals feel heard and appreciated, fosters a sense of belonging. Developers are more likely to stay with companies that prioritize team cohesion, open communication, and a positive workplace culture.

This has been exposed massively in the last 4 years where we have seen more remote and hybrid jobs and it has shown that culture and teams aren’t just an office. Again each developers idea of good culture and teams is different so it is important that businesses spend time understanding what fits their teams and making it work for them to help maintain good talent.


In conclusion, the shortage of developers in the north has fueled a competitive job market, with many professionals exploring new opportunities. However, companies that prioritize factors such as growth opportunities, support, competitive compensation, flexibility, challenging projects, and a positive work culture are better positioned to retain their valuable developer talent in 2024 and beyond.


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