Over recent weeks, our Technology & IT Recruitment team have been inundated with clients and candidates wanting to learn more about what is causing the current unrest in the market.

We caught up with Jack, our Technology & IT Recruitment Manager, to discuss all things tech to shine a light on what he’s seeing…


A Shift in Power = Increased Benefits!

This cycle is happening continuously in the industry. As a result, we have seen a gradual drop in the length of average employment across Tech roles due to the sheer availability for exciting roles which offer slightly more ‘modern’ tech. Despite the leading talent retention strategies which are seeing amazing offerings such as share options, unlimited holidays, training budgets and more, candidates are still being attracted to new roles under the shining ‘Greenfield’ lights. Not only does the increased in demand lead to a candidate shortage, it also results in a significant raise in candidate salary demands. Every candidate we place tends to have at least two other opportunities in their pipeline, so a major competition point is to increase the salary offering. On the flip side, businesses who are not willing or able to increase their salary offerings are finding they are searching in an ever smaller pool of available talent (who naturally become more junior for the same salary as a result!).


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