Are you struggling to find the right person for the job? Well, we've made your quest for the perfect candidate just that bit easier! Here at The Candidate, we have a pool full of talented individuals who are looking for new challenges so why not check out the list of our top talent! 

 Top Agency Candidates

Updated on 20.02.2017 at 10:12am

Senior SEO, Manchester, £27,000
Our candidate has had over 3 years’ experience in SEO and content marketing, juggling multiple clients and analysing research data. They have a fresh approach to the ever-changing digital world with a great grasp for innovation. Their role involves working on CRM and email campaigns for a large agency based in Manchester City Centre!

Outreach SEO Assistant, Manchester, £21,000
We’ve an Outreach SEO Assistant who has had vast agency experience and has worked with top bloggers and journalists! This candidate has experience planning and creating event ideas and managing social media platforms; they are now looking to build their capabilities whilst taking the next step in their career.

Digital Marketing Executive, £27,000
We have a strong digital marketing candidate who has experience in developing and implementing successful digital strategies across PPC, SEO, CRM, Paid Social, Social Media and Content. This Digital Marketing Executive is now looking for a new opportunity to grow either in an in-house or agency role and is able to work in a fast-paced environment. 

Senior SEO Strategist, Manchester, £34,000
This strong candidate is looking to relocate to Manchester and have a fresh start wherever a new job may take them! They have had extensive experience predominantly within an agency environment and have worked with highly reputable companies with hands- on experience in developing SEO Strategies! They are now in search of a new challenge and would like a senior SEO role where they can take on additional responsibilities and grow their career!

Associate Director, Manchester, £60,000
This candidate is currently an Associate Director and has 7 years’ experience of working in an agency environment. They currently focus on managing close relationships with the agency's list of elite clients and execute strategy for content and programmatic and offline channels. This candidate is looking to relocate to Manchester to not only have a fresh start but to put their skills to the test and have a fresh perspective!

PPC Manager, Manchester, £35,000
We currently have a PPC Manager candidate who has 4 years agency experience and has had control of large scale budgets for campaigns of up to £1 million. This candidate has worked across various sectors and has vast experience in paid search campaigns and understanding fluctuating industry trends.

CRO Specialist, Manchester, £38,000
This candidate is an experienced CRO Specialist who has worked both in-house and in an agency environment, working with major household names and other big brands. This candidate is looking for a company where they can utilise their current content marketing skills and CRO skills. In their most recent role, they have been the key of aligning web and house marketing campaigns.

PR and Social Media Manager, Liverpool, £38,000
This candidate is an established PR and Social Media Manager and has worked extensively in both in-house and within an agency environment. They have worked with highly reputable fashion and FMCG companies and have vast experience in creating the most engaging campaigns and press events for clients.  On top of this, they have team management experience and the experience of working with key stakeholders!

Content Marketing Manager, Manchester, £28,000
We are representing a candidate that has 3 years experience in Content, Outreach and PR.  They've managed several key accounts and are responsible for all content marketing initiatives to drive traffic. In their current role they're also very client-facing so are open to Account Management roles as they loves this part of their role! They are seeking a salary of £28k and are available on a four week notice period.


 Top eCommerce Candidates

CRM Executive, Manchester, £28,000
We currently have a CRM Marketing candidate who has knowledge on managing CRM programs, delivering customer retention and using direct mail. This candidate has evidence of improving conversion rates and the ability to drive engagement to reach customers.

SEO Manager, Manchester, £30,000
We currently have a Senior Content Executive that has a Masters in PR; they have worked predominantly in an agency environment but are now looking to take on an eCommerce role. They have had over 5 years of experience implementing campaigns for clients and being highly involved in content marketing; working closely with other departments such as UX teams and SEO. They are now looking to take on a more deserving role for their SEO talents!

CRM Manager, Manchester, £40,000
We’re representing an immediately available candidate that has won multiple awards for their hard work for multichannel CRM programs in; email marketing, SMS and direct mail! This data -driven candidate has managed to vastly improve ROI in their previous multi-national retail jobs and has continuously managed to have a greater level of segmentation for clients! This candidate has continuously brought in high revenue so this candidate will be quickly snapped up.

Account Executive, Manchester, £23,000
This candidate works for multiple marketing channels that they currently manage and they’re also in charge of their non-digital advertising such as; TV, press and in- store marketing and digital builds. However, due to their lack of organic progression in their current role, they are keen to learn more and develop their career.

Merchandiser, Manchester, £25,000
Our candidate is a Fashion Buying and Merchandising graduate with over 3 years’ experience in both buying and merchandising. This candidate has considerable knowledge of data and trade analysis, marketing activity, advising restocks, flowlines and planning and forecasting and even planning product restock. This candidate has experience of communicating with brands to organise and liaise with suppliers. 

Clients Service Director, Manchester, £60,000
We are currently representing a Clients Service Director based in Manchester who has extensive experience in developing integrated marketing campaigns for various sectors. This candidate has over 10 years’ experience within both the advertising and media industry, additionally, they are competent in having the ability to grow a client’s portfolio! They are enthusiastic and eager to take the next step in their career.

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