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Head of Acquisition - £55,000 + Bonus – Manchester 
We have a highly experienced Head of Acquisition who is looking to take on a new challenge! Our client is a digital marketing specialist who has over 5 years’ experience in online marketing in both the retail and fashion sectors. They also have extensive experience of driving sales and implementing first-class search strategies. This candidate is looking for £55,000 plus bonus and is on a 3 Month notice period. Is this the person you’ve been looking for? Get in touch with us today!

Senior Paid Media Manager- £45,000 – Manchester
With over 6 years Paid Media experience this candidate is now seeking a new challenge, with both Agency and In-House experience this candidate is has worked across paid search budgets in excess of 1m and has experience across a number of sectors. They currently manage a team of seven and are on the lookout for new opportunities.

Digital Marketing Manager - £32,000- Manchester
We’ve an extremely skilled digital marketer with varied extensive experience within retail marketing such as Social media, PPC, front-end website management, email marketing, segment building, international campaign strategy and delivery, link building and athlete management. Their wide range of skills lie within copywriting marketing, Data, research and strategy skills, Communication skills, software and CMSs. They’re looking for a new challenge with a company that they can develop their management skills.

Senior Search Strategist - £32,000– Manchester 
This top candidate is skilled in all things Search, SEO, Affiliates and Content, from a leading digital marketing agency. Ideally looking for a role with a broad scope of roles and responsibilities to make use of a diverse range of experience from previous roles.

Content Marketing - £32,000 – Manchester 
With 6 of years of experience in a Content Marketing role, this candidate currently works at a large agency where they are responsible for a number of big clients in a range of industries. In this agency they are responsible for developing and managing clients content marketing campaigns, implementing strategies, and analysing campaign performance. They also have experience in SEO and Outreach. Available on a 3 month notice period.

Digital Marketing Acquisition and Retention Manager - £28,000- Manchester- Immediately Available
This candidate is skilled in all areas of the digital marketing landscape however particularly skilled in Paid Search including Affiliates and SEO. They would preferably like to work in fashion but would consider any industry for the right role but ideally would like to role solely focusing on paid search.

Digital Designer, £28,000- Manchester
This talented Graphic Designer currently works at an eCommerce giant and has a good knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite, HTML, creative artwork and designing for digital campaigns, banners, photography, flyers, magazine, emails and branding. They’re looking for £28,000 and is available at 1-month notice

Integrated Account Manager - £26,000 – Manchester
Currently working at one of the North’s most prestigious Marketing and Brand agencies with experience across both B2B and B2C industries. Their expertise lie within client liaison, campaign management and delivery. They also work on email, web banners and social media and are looking for a Marketing Agency in Manchester.

Digital Marketing Executive- £25,000- Manchester
This top eCommerce candidate is a digital marketing executive in eCommerce. They’ve got a good knowledge of digital campaigns, PPC, google shopping, paid social, managing budgets, Google Analytics, performance marketing and increasing ROI and running regular reports to meet KPI's. They’ve previously designed display adverts for re-targeting and is currently setting up product listing ads for his company's online shop. This top candidate is available at 1-month notice.

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