Looking to expand your team with some of the best in the industry? Here at The Candidate, we have some fantastic candidates ready to further their career and they could be the newest addition to your team! Take a look and if you like the sound of one of our outstanding candidates then do not hesitate to call today!

eCommerce Candidates:

Head of CRM - £70,000 – Manchester
Searching for a new Head of CRM? This extremely talented candidate has over a 10 years’ experience translating customer insight into highly effective communication programmes.  They are a results driven individual with a challenging mind who has extensive experience implementing successful CRM strategies for eCommerce stores nationwide. Is this the person you’ve been looking for? Give us a call today!

Multi-Channel Manager - £35,000 – Manchester
If you are looking for a highly skilled Multi-Channel Manager to join your team then here at The Candidate we could have the perfect one for you! This candidate is currently working for a leading fashion retailer and is looking to stay within the retail sector in another multi-channel role. They have experience in abundance with knowledge across SEO, content, trading, and campaign strategy.

Marketing Manager - £32,000 – Manchester
We have an excellent multi-skilled candidate who is looking to take the next step in their career. They currently work for a retail management company and demonstrate their communication skills by being the key point of client contact. They work to develop marketing strategy across an array of areas; social media, graphic design, events, email marketing and media planning. If you’re looking for a new Marketing Manager to join your team, we could have found the perfect candidate for you!

Senior Email Executive - £30,000 – Manchester
This is a high flying Senior Email Executive who has over 3 years of experience working on CRM campaigns across the fashion and beauty sector for international businesses. They’re searching for a new challenge in which they feel like they’re being pushed to their full potential. They’re open to new industries outside of fashion and gaining experience in new areas.

CRM Account Manager - £26,000 – Manchester/Cheshire
This is a very strong candidate who misses the creative side of affiliates and is confident that their real strengths lie within the eCommerce industry where they can thrive off the fast paced environment. They have a keen eye for detail, great skills in team building and great control of the management of multiple different brands at one time.

Email Marketing Coordinator - £26,000 – Manchester
This Email Marketing Coordinator has the skill and the knowledge to bring an excellent addition to your team. Their advanced knowledge of email marketing, customer retention, journey and segmentation places them as a brilliant candidate. They’re also skilled in analysing key metrics, optimising customer experience, have a strong day to day knowledge of several ESP’s and managing juniors.

Email Marketing Manager - £26,000 – Manchester
If you are looking for an Email Marketing Manager with great experience in CRM, email marketing, A/B testing, HTLM, customer acquisition, journey, segmentation AND retention across several fashion brands then we have the perfect candidate for you! On top of that exhaustive list of skills, this candidate also has experience in using ‘Responsys’ and has previously managed juniors.

Paid Media Manager - £40,000 – Manchester
This candidate has 8 years of experience in Paid Search. Having worked for a number of the region’s Digital agencies they have a breadth of experience across various markets. They are fully Google qualified across Paid, Shopping and Google Analytics and currently works on a variety of eCommerce clients with budgets of £100kPCMm and thus is comfortable with large scale campaigns.

Technical SEO Project Lead - £25k - Manchester
This candidate has 3 years’ experience working for a digital marketing agency. In terms of skills, they’re experienced in campaign management and all things technical, including: Website Audits, Site Structure, Broken links/Redirects, DeepCrawl, Google Search Console, Site Fixes, Google Analytics, Reporting and Analysis. They are on a 4 week notice and looking for £25,000.

Agency Candidates:

Business Director - £80,000 – Manchester
Highly experienced with over 8 years in the agency field. This candidate is currently leading a team of over 30 and responsible for the planning, strategy and implementation of marketing campaigns for national and global brands. This covers paid search, organic search and social. Now looking for the next step in their career and happy to look at in-house and agency

Content Strategist - £33,000 - Manchester
This candidate is a Content Strategist working for one of the top Media and Entertainment businesses in the world. Works with large consumer brands to amplify their content by devising and implementing a multi-channel campaign and measuring its response. Relocating to Manchester after spending several years in London; looking for an agency or client side opportunity at £33,000+. 1 month notice period.

Content Marketing - £32,000 – Manchester
With 6 of years of experience in a Content Marketing role, this candidate currently works at a large agency where they are responsible for a number of big clients in a range of industries. They currently work at a large agency where they are responsible for developing and managing clients content marketing campaigns, implementing strategies, and analysing campaign performance. They also have experience in SEO and Outreach. Available on a 3 month notice period.

Integrated Account Manager - £26,000 – Manchester
Currently working at one of the North’s most prestigious Marketing and Brand agencies with experience across both B2B and B2C industries. Their expertise is within client liaison, campaign management and delivery. They also work on email, web banners and social media and are looking for a Marketing Agency in Manchester.

If any of these candidates are of interest get in touch with us by calling 0161 833 1044 or email [email protected]


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