Digital Marketing recruitment is core to The Candidate’s DNA. Over the past 6 years, we have successfully recruited digital experts for both leading agencies and companies across the region and beyond. From Digital Marketing Assistant roles through to Digital Directors jobs – we’ve covered them all! Here our eCommerce Recruitment Manager, Caldon Henson, has provided us with his top ten tips on how you can stand out from the crowd when creating a dynamic digital CV!


1. Tailor your CV to suit the digital role which you are applying for

It’s safe to say that no two jobs will ever be the same, so candidate’s CVs should reflect the specific job requirements as it highlights to the employer your most important qualities. Tailoring your CV also shows the company that you have taken the time to read about the company and their requirements, hence, stressing that you have a genuine interest in the vacancy which they offering. If submitting to an agency or website, target it to the sector you’re targeting.

2. Summarise your skill set in the opening paragraph

The opening paragraph of your CV acts as a precursor for the rest of the CV so therefore it needs to grasp the reader’s attention and make them want to carry on reading. This is also the perfect opportunity for you to highlight your core transferrable skills and shows the employer why you are the right person for the job!  

3. Always include examples of software and systems which you have used

Candidates are more likely to be selected for an interview if their skills match the company’s core requirements. It’s important to emphasis your hard skills such as Google Analytics, as it provides the employer with an insight into your experience and knowledge, especially if your examples match what they are looking for!

4. Clearly outline your specific contribution to previous campaigns

When talking about your previous experience, it’s vital that candidates include evidence to show how they contributed to campaigns which achieved the desired results because it shows your potential employer what you’re really capable of and more importantly, why not show off your achievements!

5. Include tangible numbers on your CV

Number are an excellent way to add context to your achievements because stating that you managed a team of 10 people and that your strategy increased company revenue by 9% will have a much bigger impact on the employer. Employers tend to be more interested in results so it’s always best to add numbers to your CV as this will clearly demonstrate your value!

6. Include ‘buzzwords’ throughout your CV

When an employer is reading a CV, they will be looking for keywords which will stand out to them so therefore they are extremely important to include! It can be a hard to know what words to include in your CV but if you’re tailoring it to a specific job then why not use the job specification because then you are definitely appealing to the reader

7. Interests and Hobbies

Interests and hobbies give the reader an insight into the sort of person you are outside of work. Don’t forget they will have to work with you so the more information you provide them with, the easier it should make their decision. Who knows you may have something in common! They are also a very good icebreaker if you are invited for an interview so make sure you include hobbies and interests which you are genuinely passionate and excited about!

8. Proofread

It may not be the most exciting of tasks but proofreading your CV is a valuable thing to do as it can really get your CV noticed for all the right reasons! Proofreading shows future employers that you take extra care with your work and that you have a strong ‘eye for detail’. It will make candidates appear more professional and most importantly a mistake-riddled CV could potentially cost you the job and no-one wants that!

9. Don’t over complicate your CV

An overwritten CV can be just as detrimental as a CV with no substance. Candidates need to carefully consider whether each line is completely necessary. Information that’s not relevant to the job will get you noticed for all the wrong reasons as it’s attracting their attention away from the purpose of the CV! It’s also key to remember that employers won’t have the time to read through every aspect of your life so it’s always best to keep your CV short, simple and straight to the point!

10. Don’t refer to yourself in the third person

There has been much debate about whether or not you should write your CV in the first or third person but it has to be noted that third person writing is not a natural style of writing as we all communicate in first person. It also takes away the personal element of the CV and highlights the fact that you are not trying to sell yourself which is the entire purpose of the CV! We recommend that you always write in the first person as it makes you more relatable to the employer plus it’s easier for them to read and digest the information which you are providing them with.

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