Continuing our #GoNorth campaign, have a read of Chris Greer's story. Living with his family in Swindon and considering the move to the North West, he got in touch with The Candidate, and the rest way history.

To relocate or not to relocate...

That was the decision my wife and I spent most of 2012 talking about and with so much to organise and think about from work to schools, we needed that much time to make the decision.

At the beginning of 2013 we made the decision that the move to the North West was the best thing all round. I think the fact that there seemed so many opportunities in and around the North West, particularly Manchester, coupled with the fact that we do have some family for support made the decision to move easier in the end.

Ok, so the decision to move had been made and immediate family what! The move was completely reliant on myself finding a job. As with any job hunter I dusted down my CV, re-read my current job description and began the arduous task of updating it. The question then was 'now what'... I've got an updated CV.... I know where I want to move to....but where is the best place to upload my CV (there are what seems like a million online recruitment websites all offering the same jobs). After a day scrolling through the various sites and applying for numerous positions I went to bed, prepared for what I thought would be a gruelling 3-6 months of job interviews.

The very next day I was surprised to receive a text from Maz at The Candidate, a recruitment company based in Manchester. The text introduced the company and asked if we could speak that day during what stood out to me was the fact the text was wasn't an email or voicemail....the text seem un-intrusive and seem to 'get' the fact that people find it difficult to speak during working hours.

I agreed to speak to The Candidate later that day...unaware but slightly excited at the anticipation of what might be available. During the call it was apparent that there were a number of opportunities that matched my skill set and The Candidate asked my permission to put my CV to a few of these which I agreed.

To my amazement most came back eager for an interview that week; however a stumbling block was working out the logistics of getting to Manchester for the interviews but trying to get as many in one day as possible...Manchester is a 6 hour round trip!

Enter Maz from The Candidate and her organisational skills. The Candidate organised a full day of interviews starting at 8am through to 3pm the same day. Each interview had a description of who I would be meeting and at what time. In the morning they arranged for secure parking and offered me coffee and a pastry prior to the first interview. But most importantly they gave me a full briefing for the day ahead which not only added to the research I had already done on each company I would be meeting but as they were so accommodating meant I was more relaxed. I was even handed a printed map....just in case!

The day was very successful with 4 very positive interviews and some encouraging initial feedback.

The next day I received news that 2 companies wanted to see me asap for a second interview...and after a quick re-jog of the calendar... interviews were set up for the very next week.

A similar welcome was made by The Candidate and another very positive day leaving me in a position of hoping that both companies would offer me a role as both were equally appealing.

After a few days I received an offer from both the second interviews and after a lot of thought I had made my decision and accepted one. 

Moving your whole life to the other end of the country is both daunting and exciting but it's made easier by a recruitment company that understand this and go out of their way to ensure that interviews and meetings are organised, you feel relaxed and informed so that just one piece of a very big jigsaw is helped. I just need to find somewhere to live!


Chris Greer, Account Director, MEC Manchester


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