So far, at The Candidate HQ we have two lucky winners for our advent calendar prize draw, and now we will be up to speed with today's date for the 3rd December advent calendar winner.


The third winner for the 3 December advent calendar window is: digital marketing agency Online Ventures Group



We are going to come and pay you  a festive visit and bestow upon you and your office a lovely Christmas treat for you all to enjoy. You'll know when we park our sleigh on your office roof because you'll hear the jingle jangle of our Christmas bells.



The Candidate HQ: Getting into the festive spirit at The Candidate HQ (Mara Finalists 2012)


Online Ventures Group is undoubtedly a digital agency with a reputation for not doing things by halves. We wish them continued success and congratulations for a great 2012.



Merry Christmas to Paul  & your hard working team, from everyone at The Candidate






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