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In this blog Marcel, our Film & Production Recruitment Consultant here at The Candidate, introduces our exciting new offering! 

It's an exciting time for us at The Candidate. After cautiously dipping our toes into the waters of the wonderful world of Film and Production, we have found that the temperature's just right and we simply can't resist the urge to dive in.

Manchester is a city famous for its Sport, Culture, Music and most recently, Film, Production & Television. The impact Media City's had on the North West has been enormous and it acts as a second home for ITV and the BBC away from London. Since opening back in 2011 it has been constantly developing and this development is set to continue for the foreseeable future.

"MediaCity UK could provide up to 10,000 jobs and add 1billion to the local economy over its first five years"

In addition to Media City there are a wealth of Production Companies inside and surrounding the Manchester area. Being situated in the heart of Manchester we find ourselves in the epicentre of this buzzing industry, perfectly placed to keep up to date with the latest events and opportunities.

Since joining The Candidate my journey into the world of Film & Production is going pretty well. I've learnt a great deal about the industry in a relatively short space of time and I've had the opportunity to work with some of the leading production companies in Manchester including; The Gate Films, Chief and Studio Liddell.The success I've experienced with these companies has been down to understanding exactly what and who is needed within their companies and enabling a thorough and efficient recruitment process to take place.

In the digital world The Candidate is renowned for carrying out recruitment in a very different way and having experienced life at other recruitment companies I can confidently vouch for that. Key reasons for The Candidate's success so far are; they are niche, focusing solely on the Digital sector in which they are experts and most importantly, they aren't really seen as a recruitment company by clients but as part of the digital Industry itself. This is a privileged position to be in and it ensures closer relationships with clients than would normally be expected by recruitment companies. This has proven to be a great recipe for success and one that I want to emulate in the Production Industry.

There is no doubt we will continue to increase our involvement in the Film & Production sector. A vast array of skill sets lie within this Industry and we will be covering more and more as we develop. Positions that we have been working on to date include; Junior Editor, Motion Graphics Artist, Production Assistant, Self-Shooting Director, Creative Content/Copywriter, Producer & Business Development Executives.

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In the next couple of months I will be looking at developing my industry knowledge, broadening the range of skill sets I work with and increasing our region coverage, moving into Yorkshire as well as covering more of the North West.

So join me in The Candidate's journey into this brand new sector and be sure to keep an eye on our website for the latest news, developments and opportunities within the world of Film and Production. 

Call me on: 0161 832 3150


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