The Candidate are proudly sponsoring the Prolific North - Tech Companies to Watch list for a second year running! The Tech Companies to Watch list is a fantastic platform for celebrating and acknowledging the most promising tech start-ups in the region, showcasing their potential for growth and innovation.

We wanted to catch up with some of last years list-makers to discover what they've been up to - their big wins, ambitious goals, and how being on the list has played a role in their journey.

First up is Frame, a Huddersfield based company that employs cutting-edge computer vision technology to enhance image performance for businesses. Their "Better Images by Frame" solution is tailored to drive sales and improve customer retention for eCommerce companies. Frame also offers Data Science Consultancy services, guiding clients in developing successful strategies. We chatted with founders Hannah Bratley and Liam Fulton about big milestones, new offerings, and personal branding...

Hannah Bratley and Liam Fulton - Founders of Frame


How has your team grown or changed over the past year? Did you bring in some fresh talent or venture into new territories?

Maja and Tuba are our newest hires. We're so thrilled to have them on the team and they have brought a fresh perspective into the business. Both Liam's successfully completed their apprenticeships and have taken on more responsibility. Being the earliest employees at Frame they know the company like the back of their hand and bring a lot of ideas to the table. Our Marketing intern, Will, was initially on a 3 month internship which extended over a year. He grew our presence and brand awareness significantly and is now our Growth & Strategy Manager across all 3 business units.

Collaboration and partnerships can be vital for growth in the tech sector. Have you joined forces with other any companies, organisations, or institutions that have positively influenced your progress?

I'm currently working with a lot of local businesses to see how we can bridge the digital skills gap in the North. It's great to get around the table with other tech leaders and share best practice and education around technology and all the current things that are happening in the sector. It's also an opportunity for me to learn and an absolute privilege to speak with leaders who are further on in their journey. It's really helped with my own development!

Can you give us a sneak peek into any thrilling future plans or upcoming initiatives your company has in store?

Our Better Images offering is currently being rebranded with a new look and feel. Given the advancements of the latest tech we've been able to build in some new and exciting features into the offering.

Looking back at your journey since being featured on the list, what advice would you give to aspiring tech start-ups or companies hoping to make a similar impact in the industry?

Personal brand x10, get yourself out there. Networking is very powerful and march to the beat of your own drum. Don't be put off by the doubters, the industry is thriving and there's space for up and coming businesses with innovation and passion. Take time hiring the right people, the early adopters of your idea / solution will be integral to the company's success.


Thank you so much Hannah and Liam!

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