The Candidate is delighted to share that we are once again sponsoring the Prolific North Tech Companies to Watch list! This list provides a fantastic opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the region's most promising tech startups, showcasing their potential for growth and innovation.

As part of our Where are They Now campaign, we've caught up with some of last year's most exciting list-makers to see how they've thrived over the last 12 months, and how being part of this prestigious list has impacted their journey.

FourJaw is an innovative manufacturing analytics platform. Their machine monitoring software caters to manufacturers aiming to enhance productivity and discover production process efficiencies, all while avoiding unnecessary investments in time or money on additional equipment. With a commitment to user-friendliness and efficiency, Fourjaw empowers engineers and designers to bring their ideas to life seamlessly. We caught up with Chris Iveson, CEO and Tech Entrepreneur, to talk all things growth, innovation, and the importance of building an amazing team...



Robin Hartley-Willows and Chris Iveson, Founders of FourJaw


How has your team grown or changed over the past year? Did you bring in some fresh talent or venture into new territories?

In the last year the team has more than doubled, going from nine employees at the start of last summer to 20 today. In the last 12-months, we’ve also established our first leadership team. Due to the growth we’ve seen we’re continuing to recruit for a number of new roles in our customer success and software development team to enable us to accelerate our product roadmap and continue to provide the best service possible to our existing and new customers.

Collaboration and partnerships can be vital for growth in the tech sector. Have you joined forces with other any companies, organisations, or institutions that have positively influenced your progress?

We actively engage with the memberships and alliances within the manufacturing sectors our customers operate. Engaging with such organisations enables us to keep up to date with the latest challenges, opportunities and outlook for the manufacturing sector. We are also very lucky to be in the same building as a technology development and consultancy firm called The Curve. Since the early days, they have been an important ‘partner’ in helping us make our tech stack as innovative, reliable and robust as possible. And having them in the same building means it’s very easy to collaborate with them when required.

Can you give us a sneak peek into any exciting future plans or upcoming initiatives your company has in store?

All I can say is watch this space! We have a lot of exciting new features as well as a number of improvements to the features already in the platform planned over the coming months.

Looking back at your journey since being featured on the list, what advice would you give to aspiring tech start-ups or companies hoping to make a similar impact in the industry?

Build an amazing team!

An amazing team consists of great people within your business, plus a small group of mentors who have either start-up or industry specific experience. These two things are both crucially important to growth and success!

Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?

From the food you eat, to the clothes you wear, to the car you drive- everything you interact with on a daily basis has been manufactured in one way or another. Productive manufacturing is therefore vital to a prosperous society.

We are absolutely delighted to be entering our third year in such a strong position. We were founded with a clear mission. To deliver accessible technology that empowers manufacturers to achieve their productivity potential and it is incredibly rewarding to see manufacturers achieving this with our technology.

Thank you Chris!

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