in this blog, Jack Such, our Senior Technology Recruitment Consultant looks at how business culture is more important than ever to help businesses throughout times of uncertainty.


Four Types of Organisational Culture

To greater understand where your organisation sits within the culture landscape, it’s vital to understand the differences between culture types.


Extended Family








Values Innovation








Results Oriented

Values Completion


The above chart indicates the organisational culture types which businesses fall within. It’s important to note that this chart does not reflect the social culture aspect of a business, only the operational. As businesses grow and evolve, the culture equally changes – this is inevitable in the current climate. However, the culture of a business installs a specific way of thinking and a way of being into all who are associated with the business. Culture must be understood to ensure that there is not too much disruption across the internal unwritten rules as we leave this unprecedented period.


How will our Culture affect us post Covid-19?

Here at The Candidate, everything we do is based around supporting talent in their search to join leading and forward-thinking organisations. Amid all the updates surrounding Covid-19, my prediction is that our culture will become more important than ever – in particular, our culture and ways of supporting staff through this difficult time. Currently, those companies making the news are the ones who are creating negative attention as a result of their culture. We’ve all heard the horror stories of redundancies and poorly treated staff, which are often a result of immediate business needs; but these will be the driving forces behind a struggle to recruit talent when all this is done. Negative impressions last in the memory and we may find that something considering a business norm, such as the operations culture and values throughout the business, are exactly the benefits a candidate is prioritising when deciding on their next career move.

Ways to improve Culture

Stay Social Across Digital
A main cultural aspect is the social side of a business. The friendships and relationships formed and the manners of interactions within the teams. This naturally fluctuates across industries and businesses but remaining social with the team using different events such as pub quizzes, cooking competitions and weekly catch ups allows you to still feel close to those you work with.

Alternative Incentives
Performance is often driven by the incentives behind the role. An idea as simple as earning an early on a Friday or beers to be delivered to their door can provide that little spark that allows an individual to focus whilst in a new and challenging environment.

Create Business Values and Vision
In a time where we all live on lack clarity, the clarity created by providing a business value and vision instigates the sense of long-term focus back into an organisation. With a further understanding of where the business intends to grow, it’s overall activity and targets, and its long term vision, employees regain their feeling of importance and can clearly understand their purpose within the growth. This feeling of value helps mentally and productively for employees and will be the difference between teams pulling together.

Look Out for Everyone
Simply put; be kind and take care of your people. Everybody will be experiencing a different lockdown and experience, but we will all get through this if we pull together.

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