Matt Skelton, Head of Technology Recruitment gives seasonal advice for candidates and clients on filling roles this side of the New Year. With 12 year's experience he is ideal for giving advice to those considering new jobs or clients filling vacancies this festive period. 

For me, November is the most crucial month of the year for recruitment.

Why? Well, the festive period is "only" 2 months away, meaning thoughts could easily turn to mistletoe in the office, who's going to be inappropriate at the Christmas do, Glühwein at the markets or even…dare I say some well- earned quality time with your loved ones.

If this is you, I have a discreet yet succinct message for you;



Christmas keyboard

November plays a major part in determining the next 12 months for you. Firstly, candidates…don't be a cliché and wait until the new year to decide you want a new job. If you feel restricted or undervalued in your current role, have ambitions beyond your current employer or see all your peers working in a more exciting and creative environment, then go…NOW.  Why?  Well; aim to hit the ground running at the start of next year, no bedding in period in January. If your employer shares your ambitions then the first day back after the new year should be no different to any other day, if anything it should be exciting as you have clear measurables for your progress from day 1 i.e. with your induction and health & safety training out of the way.  You'll have an understanding of the office environment and expectations through working pre-Xmas yet also have engaged with your new colleagues at festive social events meaning you've probably also had the chance to find common ground with people and learn more about them in a relaxed, informal environment. Pre-new year is a great period for team and office bonding. 

Clients, I refer to my previous paragraph with respect to candidates yet also add that you can wake up early on Xmas morning, run downstairs and rip all your presents open safe in the knowledge you are heading back to a fully focused team and the incredible hire you made just before heading off on leave makes for a positive start to the year. Also, you've beaten your competitors to the best available talent in the market. Why are they the best?  They're the individuals that are not prepared to wait to make a difference, or those that suffer from the new year blues and establish the best way out of them is to think they want a new job.  By hiring now, you get the go-getters, the innovators, the inspired and the ambitious.

This year we have noticed a slow-down in the IT contract market and we're keen to understand why. We have heard various reasons from both clients and contractors, some say the unknown factors of Brexit, others a reluctance to spend or perhaps a feeling clients can obtain the specialist skills of a contractor by offering alternative working conditions such as flexi-time and working from home options. We'd welcome your thoughts on the subject as either a contractor or hiring manager. We're dedicating our next SAScon research piece to the subject, you can take part in here.  There has however, been a recent upturn in contractor demand from our eCommerce clients due to the seasonal impact of customer engagement of their business.  As such we have increased our candidate pool of skilled digital designers with strengths across UX/UI, creating email marketing templates and front-end development. Candidates with those skills should send their CV's through to [email protected] or check out our jobs section here.

We hope to see as many as possible of you at the next SAScon event on 8th December 2016. All the Technology team will be there and we'd love to hear your opinions on technology across the digital sector in the North West.

In summary, get moving - now! Whether a candidate or client, get ahead of your competition, contact us and talk to us about the plans for your next moves or hires.  We can help you, we know the market and we have the resources to supply in-demand skills.

Remember, a new job is for (your) life, not just for Christmas.

Now where did I put those mince pies…?

Call Matt and his team on 0161 832 3150 or email [email protected] 



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