Curious about the rise of remote onboarding? We talk to Grace Gold, who started her new role for a Dutch based fashion company – from her Manchester flat!

With remote onboarding becoming increasingly common, we sat down with Grace Gold, who started her role within a Customer Experience team for a popular European fashion brand totally virtually. We talked to her about the challenges and benefits of the process, and what advice she would give other candidates preparing to start their new role whilst working from home.


What did you find helpful or useful?

I found that the formal presentations shown to us gave a good structure – they provided clearly written guides and databases for learning, so I always had something to refer back to. Also, I felt less overwhelmed, especially on my first day, as I was able to take regular breaks (perks of working from home!) instead of trying to acclimate to a new office environment.


Have you had any challenges?

Shadowing is important in my role – traditionally (pre-pandemic), the new starter would sit next to a more senior member of the team for a whole day to learn. However, this clearly wasn’t possible for me. It was manageable through use of video calls and emails, but naturally encouraged more independent learning which was quite daunting at the start.


Any tips for someone starting a new job virtually?

  • You need to find what works for you – some people will like reading off slides or having written guides, but if you’re a ‘learn by doing’ person like me, remember to call your colleagues and ask questions. It’s also great to have other people onboarding with you, as it feels like more support, so maybe ask your manager if this is a possibility.
  • Make sure you have a good home office set up (even just a quiet table) – a space you can dedicate to work so you can switch off after a lot of information is presented to you!
  • Get dressed as if you were heading into the office! If this is your first time working from home, it’s a good way to make a routine and create some work/life separation.
  • Also – coffee!! Go on, have that extra shot – you deserve it.


Thank you for those great insights Grace! Best of luck in your new position as a team leader!

Are you starting a new role virtually? Have you gone through a remote onboarding process before? We’d love to hear about your experiences!


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