Now more than ever, many people are making the decision to relocate. With the rise of remote working and an emphasis on the importance of loving where you live, no wonder so many candidates are choosing the North West as their new home!

We spoke to Kate Oates, Head of Media Planning and Insights at Havas Lynx, about her experience moving from North London to Manchester, and any words of advice she would give to people who are also looking to relocate.


How can businesses continue to attract talent to Manchester and the North West? Do you recruit from outside of the North West?

For us, the northern sell-in was quality of life – the ability to buy a house bigger than a shed, with a garden (just in time for lockdown!) And for us to bring up our son with hopefully a less condensed risk of youth crime.

For non-families, the city life seems amazing – restaurants, bars, clubs (when we are allowed of course), surely offer the same city vibe as London, but at a more affordable cost. And slightly more rain.

HL recruit from London too because we have offices in both cities. Some people split the week between north and south offices which works well.

I hope one of the effects of lockdown means that organisations will be more open to recruiting from further afield.


Any tips for someone considering moving to the North West for work?

I would say remove your fear of asking for help. Use your network, even if you are acquaintances, as opposed to friends.

You must start asking people for help, and it is amazing where one conversation can lead you. I have met, like I said above, some great people who were willing to simply give me their time and impart their knowledge literally just to help me, because someone they used to work with asked them to – I mean, sometimes humans are nice!

I do not think recruitment agencies alone (as useful as they are) can do this because it feels so incredibly blind.


Any final thoughts?

Relocating is not easy (and no, I do not recommend doing it as a brand-new mother without any Manchester friends or family!) But 3 years on I am so glad we made the move because we are now settled, bought our first home, we love the countryside, having a car (that we actually use – and not just to go to the supermarket).

London was incredible and hedonistic, but as a family, the work-life balance is better here and we have so much more green space, more access to the outdoors. And when we want to go and have a nice meal or night out, the city centre is literally a 25 min train journey away.

We do miss the diversity - and the normality of it – London wins that hands down, but we’ll visit London when we can to ensure our family isn’t always one of the few in our area.


Thank you so much for speaking with us Kate, we appreciate you sharing your experiences! 

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