As part of our commitment to furthering the tech and digital community in the UK, we caught up with Jack (Head of Talent Acquisition at Legl) - a B2B Start-up focusing on revolutionising the Legal industry) to discuss the challenges and changes to the tech talent market. Jack also very kindly shared some advice for any hopeful young techy’s who are looking to secure their first role in the industry!


What do you think are the biggest challenges tech recruiters are facing going into 2023?

A core challenge Tech Recruiters & employers alike will face in 2023 is lack of agility in their approach to the market. Demand is soaring, candidates have the choice of where their next career move is, and if you're not agile enough in your hiring process, agile enough in your salary reviews, agile enough in your progression frameworks, you'll struggle.

One of the most common challenges I've witnessed, which I expect to worsen in 2023, is the lack of awareness between employers and talent on salary expectations. Salary expectations are on the rise as demand for talent continues to increase. Companies who are still operating against a salary benchmark from 2 years ago are massively out of date.


What advice would you give to junior candidates wanting to break into their first commercial role?

Network, network & network. It's amazing to see the increased routes into the industry, with more and more people looking to transition into a career in Tech. The knock-on effect for this, is that for junior candidates, the market for finding that all important first role becomes more and more important. It's certainly possible to find the right role for you, but it's become more difficult.

There are some fantastic individuals across LinkedIn who are always open to helping - network and reach out to everybody and anyone who you'd be interested in connecting with.


Thank you Jack! It’s great to hear your insights from a client’s perspective, and there is some really useful advice in there too!


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