Here at The Candidate we have compiled a list of reasons why we think that Manchester and the Northwest area is a great place to work and live. Below are the 38 reasons we have already gathered…

…However, we would like to know what YOU love about your city and the region.

Perhaps you have a favourite restaurant, a certain event you like to attend or you simply think Manchester and the Northwest is a friendly place.

Have a read of the 38 reasons we have already included to 'Go North' and tweet us at @thecandidateUK with your own, and we will add them to the blog. We look forward to reading them.

Get on board with #GoNorth and celebrate the northwest! 


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  1. Manchester invented the modern economy and is the original modern city.
  2. The Manchester city economy is continuously growing and at a fast pace.
  3. Salford is home to MediaCityUK which houses the BBC, ITV, Coronation Street, SIS, University of Salford, Lowry Outlet Shopping and over 80 small businesses.
  4. MediaCityUK has placed Manchester and Salford even further ahead as a leading international hub for the creative and digital sectors, and a vibrant destination to live, work and play.
  5. The Northwest of England is seeking to position itself at the forefront of the digital media market.
  6. In March 2012 Manchester City Council unveiled a 10 point plan to place the city on the worldwide digital map by 2020.
  7. The City of Manchester gave birth to the first computer and is renowned for digital innovation.
  8. There is no glass ceiling in Manchester and no old boys network tradition that may adversely affect your career path.
  9. 16% of the region's economic output is attributed to the creative/digital sector.
  10. In London cost of living is so expensive that you may be 30 years old and living in a tiny studio apartment, but in Manchester you may be lucky enough to acquire a palatial abode with most salaries.
  11. There are an amazing 40,000 new jobs forecast in Manchester by 2015.
  12. Creative Manchester has the largest cluster of creative companies outside of London.
  13. The drink (alcohol) is cheaper than London. You can get a pint of beer for under £4.00 in a decent pub.
  14. Belong to a professional community that works hard and plays hard.
  15. The gorgeous Peak and Lake District's only an hour away - fantastic for day trips and weekends away.
  16. Manchester is situated centrally in the UK and it is not far to travel to other cities and international connections.
  17. As Ian Brown says 'Manchester's got everything except a beach.'
  18. Manchester is home to fantastic Universities: University of ManchesterManchester Metropolitan University and University of Salford
  19. The city has great transport links - with an international airport and two main train stations (Piccadilly and Victoria).
  20. The city's evolving tram network means that getting around the city and surrounding areas is cheap, easy and fast.
  21. The city is big enough to enjoy city living but not too vast that you spend massive amounts on transport.
  22. A typical walk to work in Manchester is around 10 minutes, and a tube ride is not necessary.
  23. Professional city living such as: Deansgate Locks, Castlefield and The Ropeworks is available at an affordable cost.
  24. The city has many on-going developments, and this suggests that city living is always in demand.
  25. Manchester's 'Northern Quarter' is home to quirky bars, eateries and independent shops.
  26. Outside of the city, areas such as Chorlton and Didsbury are popular with professionals due to the cosmopolitan, café like cultures and traditional housing on offer.
  27. Companies choose Manchester. The city is home to the most company headquarters outside of London.
  28. Manchester is steeped in musical heritage. As the infamous Mr Manchester, Tony Wilson said: 'All the kids in Manchester have the best record collections.'
  29. Manchester has a vibrant nightlife and there is something for all. 
  30. The shopping in Manchester is certainly the best outside of London. There is such a big choice from; independent shops, high street shops and well-known designer brands. Manchester is also home to The Trafford Centre one of the biggest malls in the UK.
  31. There is an abundance of fantastic eateries in Manchester serving cuisine from all over the world. From fantastic Michelin starred restaurants to tasty pub grub.
  32. Manchester has a large amount of music venues (Manchester Arena, Manchester Apollo, Manchester Academy, Bridgewater to name a few) and these are for all tastes and support a thriving live music scene. Every day of the week is filled with live concerts of every music genre.
  33. Manchester has a thriving dance, opera and scene. These include: The Manchester Opera House, Palace Theatre and the Royal Exchange Theatre feature large touring west-end style productions. 
  34. Manchester museums celebrate the city's heritage. The Museum of Science and Industry, Imperial War Museum North and The Manchester museum.
  35. Manchester also houses a vast amount of art at the two art galleries in the city. The Whitworth Art Gallery and the Manchester Art Gallery. 
  36. Manchester is known as the city of sport. Two world famous football clubs bear the city's name: Manchester City and Manchester United. This enables the city to be globally recognised and brings in an influx of visitors from all around the world throughout the football season.
  37. The city is home to fantastic fitness facilities and gyms such as Bannatyne's, David Lloyd and the sporting venues from the Manchester Commonwealth Games.
  38. Manchester is home to a variety of architecture, ranging from Victorian to contemporary styles.
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Here are a few examples of reasons Northwest professionals are providing in our social media campaign #GoNorth. Tweet us with your own, and it could be added to our blog! 

39. "I love the North because the beer is cheaper and the people are friendly. Follow @thecandidateuk #GoNorth." @SaskiaMurphy 

40. "We love the North for the people! Straight talking, no nonsense, genuine & friendly Northerners! Maybe the good grub too!" @NorthernLife 

41. "Why Manchester? Great city, great people, great fun." @ukcopywriter

42. "Why would I be anywhere else? The people, the food, the drink, the vintage scene, the liquid sunshine… " @The_Lady_Sybil 

43. "Working in the #NorthWest is great because the media industry in Manchester is at the top of the game. Boom. #GoNorth" @TheBozDog

44. "One for the blog: Manchester had the 1st free public library in the world, one for you: The sense of community #gonorth" @HuddledNW

45. "I love working in #NorthWest for the quirky and weird people and love living here because of the food! #GoNorth" @MattAguilera 

46. "It's the home of Man City!!!! #GoNorth" @venndigital

47. "It's a city big enough to have diversity, but small enough to explore it all #gonorth" @robweatherhead

48. "For me, it's all about the community. Professional, social and cultural. #GoNorth" @jonstutfield

49. "I've loved dicovering Manchester's cultural side. independents like @CornerhouseMcr make this city! #GoNorth" @MirandaAnimated

50. "Ditch the house share for your own place- my reason to #gonorth" @JamesCrawford 

51. "Key selling point is that we have yoghurt sauce for kebabs not garlic mayo #Manchester #nowetdownlondon"@rionnewilliams 

52. "Love working in the #NorthWest for it's diverse culture and endless opportunities #GoNorth" @ryymurph

53. "Because we have Daleks in Post Offices!! #gonorth" @coffeepotdgtl 

54. "#GoNorth difficult to say 140 characters but I wouldn't rather be anywhere else! #Manchester" @marsh80

55. "I love working in #NorthWest because its not the south and full of southerners! #GoNorth" @JamesWelchSEO

56. "Manchester is big enough to be inspired every day and small enough to feel a sense of community. Super cosmopolitan #gonorth" @DavidJameson

57. "#GoNorth for Manchester's creative culture and of course, @thecastlehotel in the Northern Quarter!" @theurbanmagpie

58. "I like how compact the shops are! All in walking distance!" @Harri_hat 

59. "New Order & The Stone Roses #gonorth" @spclarkey 

60. "My reason is that #Manchester is a great place to socialise & there's always plenty of events to attend!" @emilylucy 

61. "My reason Two world famous football clubs bear the city's name Manchester City and Manchester United aka Champions 2013 #manchester" @BrianMazzy 

62. "The best digital community in the UK - my reason to #gonorth" @telfordian

63. "Noel Gallagher legend!! And the weather" @mnc0001

64. "We love the excellent bus network and the easy access to fine ales. The simple things." @ThugsOnWolves

65. "Atomic Kitten!" @timalbert79

66. "Love working in Manchester for the passionate working atmosphere and community" @AdmStevens

67. "Interesting chat - why Manchester's such a great place to live and work #GoNorth - gotta be the architecture - loving my lunchtime walks!" @juliedigital

68. "Manchester is a family, the digital sector is vibrant and we have the best weather #GoNorth" @pushonltd

69. "Everyone knows each other up North! Walk through Manch on the way home & you're guaranteed to see someone you know #GoNorth" @PedUK

70. "#GoNorth Manchester international festival." @peeweeontour

71. "Here at Bubble HQ we love living in the North - you can have gravy with every meal and not get looked at funny ;) #GoNorth" @bubblejobs

72. "Love the #Northwest It's the creative air, forward thinking and innovation that happens daily #GoNorth" @neomammalian

73. "I love Manchester for its rock 'n' roll history, attitude and future #GoNorth" @tomkingkartel

74. "It's the home of the coolest music has a fantastic cultural energy and you can still find great vibes in dirty basements." @wearekms

75. "Asides from the weather & the dulcet tones of the northern accent… great uni's producing fantastic graduates #GoNorth" @searchlabs 

76. "Great idea @thecandidateuk. We reckon #MCR is set to overtake London as the #digital capital of the UK, and the beer is cheaper too! #GoNorth" @add_people

77. "Love working in the #Northwest as we're friendly folk… and also the Northern Quarter #GoNorth" @emmamartindale

78. "Great balance of the concrete jungle and the tranquil nature parks - in the #Northwest you're a name, not a number #GoNorth" @marielnorton

79. "Because it is the creative hub of the North :D" @TBWAManchester

80. "We <3 Mcr because there's creativity on every street corner. It's yours for the taking. Live it, love it, #proudtobenorther" @BlueChipMrkting 

81. "Awesome people, awesome culture, awesome places above all abundance of awesome talent, basically #GoNorth or go home!" @johnnnson

82. "One reason is great new bands like @ThugsOnWolves"  @spclarkey

83. "We don't have a fast lane at our train stations. All people stand on escalators like equals #GoNorth" @rionnewilliams

84. "Thank goodness that I chose to move up to Manchester and not down to London, the North is fabulous #GoNorth @thecandidateuk" @wseabrook

85. "Beautiful places to play out in all directions - Peak District, Lake District, Snowdonia & The Dales for starters! #GoNorth" @vivslackcode

86.  "Being able to ride up hills and down dales instead of round and round Richmond Park!! #GoNorth" @vivslackcode 

87. "We work and play in #Manchester's eclectic independent cafés. Great coffee lives outside of London too! #GoNorth." @chorltoncoffee

88. "Manchester has great people and talent combined with excellent quality of life #GoNorth" @RepConsultancy

89. "Manchester has a unique character; confident, innovative and inclusive #GoNorth"@steveleigh

90. "Manchester is cheap and cheerful #GoNorth"@kyrabaltazar

91. "The humour, people, women, accent, socialising, culture, heritage, and architecture, scenery, transport. #Northwest #GoNorth"@retrocedric

92. "I love working in the Northwest - so much creative work going on. #GoNorth" @katrina_suzanne

93. "The north is the best place to work because it's so friendly and loving!! #GoNorth." @MelbourneHost 

94. "Here at @fluid_digital we love working in the Northwest because Manchester is the centre of the universe! #GoNorth" @fluid_digital 

95. "Things are more affordable up here #GoNorth" @AveryJames91

96."#GoNorth I love Manchester because the people are friendly, gorgeous and hella funny! +cheaper homes" @ladyjaydiamond

97. "I think Mark Radcliffe sums it up pretty well: "#Manchester, A city that thinks tables are for dancing on." #GoNorth" @fayscho

98. Amazing culture, cool places to visit, cheaper than 'darn sarrrf' and most of all it's full of friendly, interesting people! @Gemmaeccleston

99. "Move North so you don't need to live in an awful bedsit an hour outside of London's city centre. Walk to work, earn more in real terms, spend more of your disposable income on fun things rather than living costs." - James Crawford, PR Agency One 

100. "Not everyone is willing to sell their soul to London for a few extra £'s as to some folk, it's about the quality of life and not the pace. Having an affordable house with Liverpool One on your doorstep for shopping, a good selection of local theatres and music venues, and the mountains of Wales only 30 minutes drive, why would I want to swap? For the same money I could have a small bedsit, travel on public transport where people don't talk, have man made gardens, and suffer from the tubes black bogey sydrome. No thanks! I'll keep London as a great place to visit for an occasional weekend trip, knowing that 2hrs later I will be back in the beautiful and peaceful NW!" - Christ Frost, 

We've recived more reasons to Go North! 

101. Music! Gigs! Music! @SPClarkey

102. Amazing digital community! Lots of knowledge, friendly faces, awesome bars and restaurants. Generally well good! @Joannahalton

103. Our awesome street food scene @MCRfoodies

104. The North West is amazing! Great music, culture & people :) @Naomi_Davey

105. 5th AVE! @Ben_Barker1989

106. I'm here! @theurbanmagpie

107. Because of Merseyside @gpmknz

108.  "The Adopted Manc" The People, Slang & Beer @Rodica_Maria

109. The North West is the best because we're friendlier than everyone & COOLER! @RobGoodswen

110. Because SAScon is here! @Helenyschmeleny

111. Man United Of course! @Brianmazzy

112. Its cheaper and friendlier than London @Gemmaeccleston

113.  The people are so friendly & smart @NX1

114. Fab music, lots of friends & great digital scene @Emilylucy

115. The people make everything! You don't love the company you love the people! @DMK14

116. We're not arrogant, we're just better @heresjonnyP

117. Our amazingly low levels of annual rainfall! @CF_Jones

118. Beer, Fresh Air & Great houses @SmartRich

119. Because it's not too far from Yorkshire @announcerphil

We love all the reasons so far - keep them coming! Tweet @thecandidateuk with YOUR reason to #GoNorth. 



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