Here at The Candidate, we are dedicated to providing a fantastic recruitment service for the Marketing, Digital, Creative and Analytics sectors. Recently, we conducted research to explore the climate of the analytics sector in the North West. We spoke to 35 senior professionals in total from a wide range of industries, and they gave us some fantastic insight…


Businesses said that the reasons they are hiring from elsewhere is due to the “unrealistic expectations” that some analytics professionals have, especially when it concerns entry-level positions. Some businesses have commented that some candidate’s salary expectations can be unreasonable when compared to the skills and experience which they would bring to a role.

Although, only 26% of businesses who responded to our skills survey informed us that over half of their entire analytics department were hired from outside the North West. This shows that there is much more which can be done to continue to attract professionals (and the skillsets they bring with them) to our region, and that we should continue to build upon the fantastic reputation the region already has to attract even more talent here.

Thank you for reading and we hope you found this interesting! If you would like to find out even more about the analytics sector in the North West, you can read our whole white paper here!

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