Aaliyah Chilumbu graduated from the University of Sheffield and is currently working as a Bid Writer at Health Assured, one of the UK’s leading Health and Wellbeing Employee Assistance Programme Providers. With a background working in Social Media Marketing and the Fashion Industry, Aaliyah embarked upon her most recent role as she wanted to work for a company that shared her values on mental health, and the importance of reducing the stigma associated with mental illness. She talks to us about three simple techniques that everybody can undertake to overcome mental health struggles in the workplace to enhance day-to-day positivity.


Tip 3: Work-Life Balance

Lastly, this may seem like the obvious choice, but remembering your time is yours and yours alone is a sure way to improve workplace wellbeing and emotions surrounding workload. Though technology can be a great way to keep us connected with our colleagues, it can be easy to get caught up in work Whatsapp group chats, Slack notifications and checking emails after you’ve left the office. It may seem like a quick fix to battling work-induced worry or stress, but setting clear physical boundaries between work and your time outside of work will ultimately allow you to create a healthier relationship between work, health and your own wellbeing.

Instead, use your time outside of work to focus on doing things that you want to do. Or, if you find a large part of your job depends on communications outside of the typical Monday-Friday, 9-5, why not try setting a set limit on how much time outside of work is devoted to work? Creating a work/life balance can be difficult, but don’t be afraid to adjust your boundaries. Remember, we’re all human. Setting boundaries and communicating them to others not only gives you ownership of your own time, but will allow you to enjoy your personal time guilt-free and approach workload with a clear, healthy mindset.

So…what next?

Each person’s relationship with their mental health will inevitably differ, as will all of our personal, individual and professional experiences. Despite this, our differences are ultimately what brings us together! If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with work or feel like you may be struggling with your mental health one particular day, it is important to remember that you aren’t alone in feeling this way. Everybody has a responsibility to look after their own mental health, but more importantly, we all have a responsibility to look after each other. Talking time out to check in with yourself, communicating your feelings or even just opening a dialogue with others around you on the topic on wellbeing can massively improve the quality of your life and the lives of those around you.

And, if after all that you feel like none of the above are helping you, considering whether your current job role is right for you may be the next step. Working in an environment that enhances your wellbeing will ultimately be an investment in your day to day life and overall happiness.

Thank you Aaliyah for raising awareness around the measures which can be taken to maximise your mental health and happiness in the workplace. 

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