It’s back! Read what our marketing clients and candidates have thought of 2020 and what 2021 could bring for their sector as compiled by our Recruitment Board Director, Laura Walters. Read it from the marketeers who have been on the front line of urgent campaign changes, brand updates, team engagement issues and a pandemic, all in the backdrop of a pending departure from the EU. 

Never a dull moment. What a rollercoaster!


The view from the mobile phone sector

Darren Kunar, CRM consultant at KTM Online (Fonehouse & Metrofone) has observed a lot whilst busily working from home, Well, what can we say about 2020? Nothing remains the same. Working from home appears to be the new norm and I for one love it! Spend and marketing budgets across the country have been impacted and marketing strategies overhauled. Whether it's downsizing TV budgets, working with a reduced workforce, or completely changing campaigns, marketing teams have had to remain reactive to a Government that has moved the goal posts on more than one occasion.’

Looking toward 2021, he explains that the future looks set for the same uncertainty, The breakthrough of a vaccine alongside a Deal/No Deal Brexit will be the biggest drivers. The high street will no doubt have to play catch up to the increase of digital adopters, but we hope they can do so. The only true way for us to prevail as marketeers is to keep our customers front and centre of any marketing campaigns. Ensuring we understand their motives, fears and desires is paramount to success. Customer-centric marketing has never been so important.Good luck Darren! 


Home Improvements & Brexit

Clyde Vella, Head of eCommerce & Digital Marketing at Walton Flooring Centre says, I believe that the habits formed during 2020 will create lasting effects. Firstly, consumers not used to shopping online have embraced e-commerce out of necessity and will continue using it long after the pandemic has passed. Secondly, consumers have gained a greater appreciation of their home and I do believe the property and DIY markets will continue to grow strong.’ Giving us his final thoughts, ‘My bonus prediction is that we will all be happy to see a steep decline in usage of the word "unprecedented", which has popped up far too many times in our inboxes.Thanks Clyde, it’s been an unprecedented year! 



Thanks to all our contributors for their thoughts on 2021, we wish you all the best for your businesses and most importantly hoping you smash your marketing targets! Good luck.


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