Almost 80% of websites utilise PHP to help make their page content more dynamic. From beginners to experts, everyone can benefit from learning and embracing PHP. PHP developers are instrumental in creating, testing and deploying innovative web applications Working alongside HTML and CSS, PHP Developers are in as much demand than ever! But if you’re wondering how to get stuck into the world of web development, here are some tips from our Technology Recruitment Consultant Sam Such that might help you out…


Hone your skills

After studying PHP, turning what you have learned into physical experience can really help you land a job. If you’ve just graduated university, college or completed your training courses then it is a good idea to build out your portfolio. If you haven’t had chance to work commercially yet with PHP, demonstrating your abilities by building your own website or portfolio will help you stand out from the crowd. Showing off your skills on GitHub or creating yourself a website to brand yourself will show an employer just what you can do.

Get connected!

The final tip that can help you find your first job within PHP development is to build out your network. Getting to know people within the industry you want to work in, can really help you get your foot into the door. Getting familiar with people and companies within the industry can help you develop your personal network.

LinkedIn is a great resource for this - read up on how to get the most out of it here!

If you have any additional question or want to find out how we can help you enter the world of PHP development, feel free to drop me an email at [email protected].