Content Marketing

Finding the Right Path to Content Marketing

Careers in Content Marketing are very sought-after, and with hundreds of graduates coming out of University each year with fresh, new ideas about Content Marketing, the competition is high when looking to land a job in this area.

Many people working in this area will have some kind of Marketing degree; very daunting for somebody graduating with an English degree - like myself. Having graduated 5 years ago, the road to Content Marketing hasn't been as straight-forward as I would have liked it to be. I was fortunate to land a job with a well-known Home Shopping and Online Retail company. Although the role wasn't exactly what I wanted to do, it gave me valuable experience and offered me an opportunity to gain experience within an established company. It gave me exposure to the industry, and little by little, my career progressed and moved in the right direction. 

Advice for Graduates

Fresh out of University, graduates (and rightly so) want to land their ideal job, but it isn't always that easy. From my own personal experience, my advice would be, if the opportunity arises, to accept a job with a company which you can see yourself progressing with. If you can see the potential in a company and are determined, you can work hard to gain experience to help you move closer to your desired role - be it within that company, or a new company. It may not happen as quickly as you would like it to, but you will land in the career you want. Just take all of the previous experience as a positive aspect to helping you find your way in the industry.

Looking for a Career in Content Marketing?

If you're after a career in Content Marketing, then you will probably be passionate about writing. Whichever role you currently find yourself in, soak up the opportunities there to write, write, write! Perhaps another department requires help with a writing-based task, or maybe you'll create a brand new aspect for your current role, whereby you can showcase your writing abilities. Never be scared to offer your services, as the experience will prove vital in getting you closer to your desired career. Why not partake in some voluntary work, utilising your writing skills? It is all valuable experience that you can add to your CV. 

Content Marketing Life

Working in Content Marketing is rewarding, as you can see your ideas and planning transform into consumer content before your eyes. Working on campaigns is part of the role, and it gives you a chance to exert your creativity and idea generation abilities. The planning aspect ensures that all campaigns run smoothly to achieve the desired outcome. And then there's the writing part - and lots of it! It can be hard work and at times chaotic, but it is an exciting area to work in. Content Marketing encapsulates creative, technical and management aspects; it is a varied role and allows you to utilise a mixture of skills.

So if you think Content Marketing is the career path you want to be heading down, then stay focused, expose yourself to the industry where you see a potential opportunity, and absorb information from industry magazines, websites and news reports, so you'll always have an understanding of the current status of Content Marketing and keep yourself ahead of the game. 


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