It's been a debate around for years, but finally SAScon delegates can settle the biggest debate in the Northwest since the HS2 ruling. What's it to be, Cheese & Chips or Gravy & Chips??

We're all about promoting the North as the place to work and live, I mean come on who here would really consider a career south of Keele Services?! Our #gonorth campaign has been in full swing for months now and helped attract candidates to the region to help with the skills shortage. OK, we missed a few who headed on past the Northwest to the tundra of Cumbria and Scotland, but regardless of where they end up they're not only bombarded with client side jobs vs agency jobs propaganda, but dirty advertising tactics promoting gravy and chips and cheesy chips.

Scores of chip shops across the city have been engulfed in a secret war of pushing the varieties to locals for years. Students particularly are hardest hit and have a huge decision to make, the soggy after effects of gravy on the fine British chip or the diary consumed impact of melted cheese?! It's more common Friday lunchtime agency side now than hair of the dog (Lassie was never happy with that term anyway.)

So you finally have the chance to settle this debate! Head here to our Facebook page and via a kind 'like' from your very self, get your voice heard! You'll automatically qualify for a FREE portion of gravy and chips or cheese and chips and be entered into a SAScon delegate only prize draw for a night for 2 at Manchester's Lowry Hotel.

Vs Chips

Help us put this to bed once and for all. Poll results released Friday afternoon!


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