It is time to shine the spotlight on digital agency, Bliss in The Candidate's Digital Agency Showcase. The aim of the showcase is to highlight the great work completed by agencies in the northwest last year. 

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Bliss is a friendly digital agency that succeeds at being approachable, transparent and relentlessly passionate. Bliss is comprised of both creative and technical experts who design beautiful websites, build innovative mobile applications and craft ingenious online marketing campaigns, which routinely surpass their client's expectations. 

The agency has expertise in Creative Services, Website Development, Online Marketing, Mobile Applications and Search Marketing. Their engaging digital marketing campaigns solve problems and provide demonstrable return on investment.

Bliss has delivered successful campaigns for clients such as: Anglican Garden and Building Supplies and sister company Paving Superstore, Boohoo, Schwarzkopf, Legal & General and many more.

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We talk to Managing Director of Bliss,

 Jon Stutfield.

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Jon Stutfield started out his working career as a sculptor. However, he found his way into the burgeoning Internet Industry 15 years ago when he saw an opportunity to combine his creative nature with his passion for technology and communication.

Jon has been the Managing Director at Bliss for just over 3 years and is a council member of Manchester Digital. 


1. Hello, and thank you for letting us interview you for our digital agency showcase. What is your main job role and responsibility within Bliss?

As Managing Director my job role is largely concerned with the commercial growth of the agency. It is my responsibility to make sure that the business is growing, making a profit and the accounts are managed properly. I also like to make sure that the ethos of Bliss is being maintained, and I oversee recruitment ensuring that the right candidates are being chosen.


2. Please could you pick a case study from 2012, and explain why you have chosen it to represent your agency's work?

This is difficult because we are currently finishing a number of projects from the previous year, which will be released soon. However, I will mention the work we completed for well-known clothing site, I have chosen because we built a mobile site for them, which is one of our main lines of work for clients. In addition, it is an established brand with a loyal customer base. 

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3. How do you discuss the brief with the client, and what brief did Boohoo set for you?

We sit down with every client and discuss the proposed project at length. However, we like to provide a friendly approach, so the discussions usually involve numerous cups of tea and we chat about the objectives.

Boohoo required a brand new mobile site ahead of the Christmas sales rush. They are an entirely online business so they were keen to ensure their collections were accessible on mobiles. The difficulty of the project was that they had an established base of loyal mobile site users, so a brand new website was a bold decision for them as it would be a transition from the previous mobile site. 


5. How did the campaign strategy perform and what were the results? 

We successfully launched the mobile site before the Christmas rush, with great feedback from Boohoo and their mobile site users. The campaign was a resounding success, resulting in discussions with Boohoo to complete more work for them. 

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6. What makes Bliss different from other agencies?

We decided on the name Bliss for the agency as we are an agency that is blissful to work with and for. We aim to make Bliss a great place to work, all of our team have different skills but maintain the same ethos and attitude to take pride in the quality of work they produce. In addition, we aim to achieve results by pushing boundaries using new technology, and we are not afraid to use new methods. 


7. Could you give a top tip to any perspective digital candidates who would like to work in an agency like yours?

My advice to perspective candidates is that it would be great if you had a portfolio of your work and skills. However, this is not essential as it can be replaced by having a personal portfolio showing an avid interest in the relevant skills you would require. If you demonstrate a keen attitude for the industry, you would be the kind of candidate I would like to employ.


The Candidate's Summary

The Candidate is impressed with the technical skill that Bliss implements on campaigns and the ease with which it takes on difficult projects. In addition, the great attitude Bliss upholds, to be such a friendly place to work and maintain a good working relationship with clients. We congratulate Bliss on their successful projects and wish them the best for 2013.


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