Here's an interesting (though not altogether unpredictable) conclusion of our new research:

'Not only does educational background seem to influence seniority it also influences perspective'.

Seniority wise - Two thirds of senior positions are filled by graduates from red brick universities. And their priorities? Strong interpersonal and negotiation ability over technical computer and internet related skills.

Compare this to junior respondents, half of whom have a more vocational or former polytechnic university background. For them it's creative and technical skills that are the most important attributes of a digital marketer.

Healthy? Well a range of perspectives has got to be a good thing. How good is it though for those perspectives to be so polarised?

What do you think? Does educational background and technical aptitude tend to typecast marketers? Wouldn't an appreciation and blend of technical and more traditional business skills across both senior and junior positions serve the industry (and individuals within it) better?

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