Media planner and media buyer recruitment

We have successfully placed media planner and buyers across advertising agencies in the North West since we launched. Largely specialising in digital, we understand what makes a compelling candidate in this area. That's why the largest agencies in the world who have regional offices work with us. We also contract direct with London agencies that have placements in this area for both agency and client side roles.

We know the questions to ask

We appreciate that this is a complex hire, so we would look at the following attributes to determine whether they are suitable for our client's business:

  • How successful have they been in scheduling a campaign which effectively locates their target audience?
  • Can they talk us through the latest developments in their field of specialism?
  • How effective is their negotiation skills and how do they use relationships to achieve their target results?
  • What is the balance in your planning between the results analysis and the creativity which you add to the role?
  • We are always interested in hearing the most successful campaigns which they have worked on and why their planning and buying made a significant difference.
  • Through their negotiation, what levels have they managed to save in monetary terms of their clients budgets?
  • What sized budgets and clients have you worked with and which are your strongest media channels?

Let us do the hard work

As our Digital Skills Survey showed, this type of candidate is in short supply. Getting experienced media planner and buyers who are looking for new opportunities is a challenge so working with an agency who understands where they are located is essential. One of the biggest reasons for candidates leaving roles is the lack of training and development and unfortunately agencies are ineffective at providing this for media planner and buyers. So, if your organisation can offer this type of candidate that development there is a reason to join your team.

The key to a successful media planner and buyer is to work with one who is keen to trial new channels and technologies. However in a very fast paced developing industry, there are multiple opportunities being presented. That's because the online world is oozing entrepreneurial spirit and new opportunities are common.

We'd be very happy to have a discussion based on how we would go about finding the right media planner and buyer for your organisation.

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