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Alexandra Lever was placed by The Candidate at MEC in July 2014 as a Digital Marketing Executive and ever since has had phenomenal success in her career, winning numerous awards and accolades along the way. Alex has detailed her experiences along with some advice for anyone wishing to follow a similar path. You won't believe what she has done in such a short time and all by the age of 25!

I don't really know how I ended up working in digital marketing. I think it was a culmination of various roles whilst studying and figuring out what I wanted to do, as well as Simon Clarke from The Candidate's persuasion skills!  I've always been open minded when thinking about my career, I went to University still unsure of what job I wanted and so I studied the subject I enjoyed most at school.

 My ultimate aim was, (or is as I'm only 25), to have a career that I live, breathe and love.

I studied Politics at University and then went on to complete a Masters in Broadcast Journalism. I worked for various brands on experiential campaigns throughout University and after I graduated. I really enjoyed working for brands and was presented with some great opportunities. Representing Samsung at the London Olympics was a highlight, as well as managing my own team for a 6 month activity in Manchester I also worked at BBC Radio Manchester on various sport shows. I've always loved sport, particularly football, so I thoroughly enjoyed working at the BBC. However, I felt there was a business element missing which I believe I've found since working in digital marketing! I still get to fulfil my love of sport in my spare time as I coordinate a football podcast and blog called 'The Offside Rule, We Get It', which was recently awarded Best Football Podcast 2015 in the Football Blogging Awards.


Joining MEC

There have been a few stand out milestones or moments since I've been working in digital marketing. I've only been in the industry for two years, however, I've had the support of a great team and management who have constantly pushed me and believed in my ability. This has really helped me grab every opportunity presented to me. Having worked at the BBC as a sports broadcast journalist and in their brand experiential team, joining the Organic Performance Campaign team at MEC was a completely new start.

I had very little to no experience in this field, so from day one I've been hungry to learn, understand and progress.

My team have named it my 'JFDI attitude' (Just f***ing do it) when it comes to process, planning and determination to succeed. But since beginning my role at MEC it has felt like the perfect fit for me! In order to thrive, I needed to be in a thriving business.

Winning Young Digital Marketer of the Year

Last year I was nominated and shortlisted for Young Search Professional of the Year and then at the beginning of this year I was awarded Young Digital Marketer of the Year at the Northern Digital Awards. The award was a big shock to me as I'd obviously LinkedIn stalked every candidate shortlisted during the dinner and decided they were all more worthy winners, but it was great to be recognised by the industry.

Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity

However, the most stand out moment so far was winning an internal creative competition at MEC and being given the opportunity to represent the company at Cannes 2015 Lions Festival of Creativity.  

I had the most incredible few days, spent immersing myself in numerous fantastic campaigns.

It really inspired me, especially meeting the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge team. When I got back, a colleague and I pitched a campaign idea for MEC's chosen charity, Mind and received the go-ahead from Mind and our senior board to launch it. #TakeOffTheTape launched a couple of weeks ago and it has been incredible to see how much we're helping people talk about mental health and raise awareness about the importance of talking about how we feel.


  • Be open minded:  There are exciting, different business sectors opening up all the time, especially in this industry. Immerse yourself in what truly interests you.  
  • Never limit yourself:  We often limit ourselves to what we think we can achieve, when in reality we can go so much further. Be open to challenge yourself and don't be afraid of change, when you sense an opportunity grab it.

What next? 

In the future I plan to further immerse myself in the industry. I'm going to keep pushing myself and wherever that takes me I'll be happy to take on the challenge. I've just recently been shortlisted for Rising Star in the Drum Marketing Awards and Young Search Professional in the EU Search Awards, so fingers crossed for both of those!

If you like Alex's story and are interested in taking a step into a digital career then contact us today on 0161 833 1045 or email [email protected]


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