International Women’s Day is a day to highlight women who have been instrumental in advancing the rights of women within society. From the early days of feminism, the likes of the suffragettes fought for equal rights and equal votes for women. But in today’s society, women are underrepresented in almost all sectors of work and daily life. Today, our Technology Recruitment Executive Sam Such takes a look at a woman who has broken the glass ceiling and become a prominent force in the world of tech business.


Despite Whitney being on top of the mountain, women on the whole can be seen as a minority. A recent Tech Nation report showed that 77% of tech director roles are filled by men. It also showed that just 19% of the tech workforce are women. That figure is even less for black and Hispanic women who make up 3% and Asian women who make up 5%. Also, in the UK, recent research by the Women in Technology Survey 2019 has revealed that 60% of women agreed there was a gender pay gap within the technology sector - with men earning a higher salary.  

Many have wondered what can be done to fix the inequality within the technology industry. The BBC launched a scheme in 2019 where they hired a large number of women to move into a career in software engineering. The BBC’s CTO and Product Officer, Matthew Postgate, said they wanted “to ensure that everyone can shape the future of technology. This scheme gives the perfect grounding to women from all walks of life for a new career in technology”.


What do you think could be done to help empower women in Tech? Do you know any schemes or incentives to encourage more women to join this growing industry? Let us know!

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