Laura Walters joined The Candidate in 2014 looking for a new challenge after 10 years in Media Sales and looking for a new challenge within the digital community. She has since rapidly climbed the ranks to Recruitment Board Director in just over 4 years. With this success she tells us what is happening at The Candidate, the roles she can help with, how 2018 went, what to look for in 2019 and how to succeed at a senior level in your career.

Recruitment North West Laura

Laura Walters, Recruitment Board Director



 Top Tips for someone to have a successful Senior Digital / Marketing career?

  • Follow new trends and ensure that you keep up to date with both new technologies and developments within the industry.
  • Think commercially, this is ultimately what your employers want. No matter what the job title, spec or responsibilities, they are looking for people to bring in the profits for their business.
  • Know your key metrics inside out. This will impress employers and colleagues and reinforces your investment and buy into the company.
  • Develop a broad range of experience rather than a single stream focus as whilst people specialise, those who are most successful keep their own on what everyone else is doing and are able to tell how their decisions and performance effect theirs.
  • Attend industry relevant talks and events, network and connect via referrals and introductions. This goes without saying, the more people you know and the better relationships you develop the more doors will be opened for you.
  • Develop other members of your team. Building the capabilities of your team means that they both make your job easier and also your customers and peers will recognise their high-quality They are your legacy, make sure it is a good one!

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