As part of our commitment to being active members within Manchester’s marketing landscape, and to keep updated with any industry developments, we’ve been reaching out to some of our connections for insight from the front-line. 

Dan Roylance (Email Lead at Distrelec, Manchester) kindly agreed to drop by this week and educate the team on the difference between email marketing and CRM. Due to the intertwined nature of these two disciplines, it can often be confusing where one ends and the other begins. So, in an attempt to clear up any confusion, Dan took things back to basics to help us wrap our head around just what the difference is.




Key Points
To recap, the main differences between CRM and email marketing are:

  • Using more than one medium to communicate, including SMS, Direct Mail and Social
  • A more consumer-focused approach that looks at the entire journey
  • The use of in-depth analytics to generate actionable insight for campaign optimisation

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Dan for helping us clear things up and for taking the team to come to a speak with the team here at The Candidate. 

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