Interested in digital and social media marketing? Ever considered improving your skill set by studying online?

Digital And Social Media Marketing MOOC

Discover the digital and social media marketing massive online open course (MOOC), a 6 week online course produced by five European universities; University of Salford,  Kaunas University of TechnologyUniversity of LodzUniversity of National and World Economy (UNWE)  and CITY College. Starting in September 2015, the exciting new course will equip you with a knowledge of the latest digital and social media marketing techniques, tools and channels. With real case studies from businesses across 5 European countries , you'll have the opportunity to combine theoretical knowledge with practical skills, whilst navigating the complexities of local market places. Whether you're a student hoping to enhance your employability or you're an organisation looking to improve your online marketing strategy, this course promises to develop your knowledge and skill set.

So, what will you learn? Modules include:

  1. Why is digital and social media marketing important today and in the future?
  2. Understanding different digital channels
  3. Buyer persona development
  4. How campaigns fit into a wider implementation of the overall organisation strategy
  5. Choosing the right digital profiles for the right audience
  6. The importance of ongoing monitoring and learning from your engagement


With budgets for digital marketing constantly growing, there is an ever increasing pressure on businesses to hire skilled professionals! Don't miss your opportunity to learn the most effective practices from the best academics across Europe. 

"This course is developed by leading universities that researched and forged partnerships with leading digital organisations to share with you the latest thinking and practices in digital marketing. Digital marketing is about understanding the new ways that customers engage with information when they are making their decision on the next product or service. This course will help you to understand the online consumer behaviour and methodically plan engagement with the relevant consumers using relevant tools and techniques.

Drawing on our international partnership of the #passion4digital community this MOOC will offer you an unparalleled access to digital thinking and decision making - helping you to progress in your career and improve the organisation you might be working for."

Enrol now for FREE for your chance to learn the latest in online marketing, improve your employability or enhance your organisations online marketing strategy! See the full course break down on the Iversity website.



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