Hannah CampbellSenior Account Director at Brazil Street, Women's Coach, & Bloom North Committee Member, gives us the run down on her career, how she's found the transition from large agency to independent, and advice for women looking to balance family life and work.

Hannah Campbell, Senior Account Director at Brazil Street,

Women's Coach, & Bloom North Committee Member


Are there any challenges you’ve faced throughout this experience that you’d like to touch upon?

When I was ready to leave Havas, I had also being trying to get pregnant for a year. Any move I made would mean leaving a hefty maternity package and a comfort blanket of a role behind. My gut told me it was time to explore new opportunities but I potentially could end up getting pregnant in the middle of moving.

I made the decision to be pretty vocal about this as I spoke to a few businesses about roles. The way I saw it, if someone had an issue or was off put by my family plans, then it probably wasn’t the right environment for me anyway. It lead to lots of frank conversations that very quickly helped me weed out the right opportunities from those that wouldn’t fit so well.

As it turned out, I ended up getting pregnant during my notice period and started my new role two months pregnant! Whilst not the right route for everyone, I felt confident in my choices and comfortable with my new employers knowing that my maternity leave had already been discussed and initial plans laid out.


What advice would you give to your younger self?

Continue to trust your gut and be yourself! I probably spent a lot of years feeling like I needed to mould myself into a certain type of person to fit into businesses or be a person that people liked.

Whilst there’s always an element of emotional intelligence required – especially in client facing roles – I’d see the more bolder aspects of my personality as rocket fuel for success rather than aspects I needed to dull down or hide. 


Thank you Hannah!

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