Advertising agency jobs offer employees a great opportunity for a fast-paced and enjoyable career, working with great clients at the cutting edge of marketing. Whether it's at an integrated agency, creative agency or one of the region’s leading media agencies, Emma Burke our Director and Agency Recruitment Pro, has put together her 7 top tips to help you progress!


5. Ask your employer about your career development opportunities. Before coming to a recruitment consultant, be fully aware of where you stand in terms of development, salary increases and what you need to do to obtain that next level. It’s so important to do this, as a lot of people get frustrated and feel stagnant when in fact, they haven’t had that conversation with their line manager about progression. It shows ambition and the desire to succeed and progress within the agency.

6. The North West is a small place. When interviewing with different agencies, make sure you go to your interview. A bad experience or booking time out of a line manager’s diary to then cancel can have detrimental effects to your future with that agency, if there isn’t a valid reason for doing this. Line and hiring managers move around too, so you wouldn’t want to meet them in your new agency when you have previously not shown up for an interview!

7. Finally, if applicable to your agency, make friends with your Design Department! You’ll be working with them daily, so it helps if you have a complete and mutual respect for them. This goes without saying! Understanding your client and being under the skin of the brand will help brief the creative team. Also, developing relationships with freelancers will also help from a recommendation standpoint. 

Thanks Emma for your tips, really helpful as always!

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