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We've made your hunt for the perfect candidate easier by compiling a list of our our top candidates of the month! If you find the one for you, don't hesitate to contact us! 

Technical SEO Manager - £35,000 +
We have a fantastic individual who's previously been working as a Technical SEO Manager, however they are now looking for a new adventure and are available for an immediate start! Our candidate is ideally seeking an in house role, that will enhance their 12 years' experience within the industry. They have a variety of desired skills such as competency in Wordpress, phpbb and phpld as well as prior experience in building and maintain computers, using custom CMS and web hosting services. The individual is also comfortable developing websites using open source programs such as Oscommerce and Magento!

Ecommerce and Marketing Manager - £26,000
After graduating with a degree in Fashion, our candidate decided to embark on a career in ecommerce and fashion marketing! With over two years' experience in the industry, she is now an Ecommerce and Marketing Manager for a fashion retailer! She is very competent in PR, Email Marketing, Social Media, Magento and SEO and would prove a valuable asset to any business. If this sounds like your ideal candidate, then she is readily available given a 1 month notice period!

Merchandiser - £27,000
With over two years' experience working for one of the UK's leading fashion brands as an Ecommerce Merchandiser; our candidate clearly demonstrates sound knowledge and technical understandings across key areas such as product listings and category management! Adding to the impressive attributes, our candidate, also has prior experience of using a range of CMS systems including Magento! Don't hesitate to contact us if this seems like the right person for the job!

Head of Marketing - £40,000
Our wonderful candidate now fancies a change of scenery! This individual is looking to move to a larger agency as either an Account Director or  in a Client Services role! A working understanding of Magento and 6 years of digital marketing (incl. PPC, SEO, Affiliate and Display) experience means that this Head of Marketing has an unbelievable amount of knowledge, which would be a credit to any agency!  

Digital Acquisition Manager - £50,000
Are you looking for a highly experienced, bilingual individual to join the team? If so, then we have the candidate for you! This Digital Aquisition Manager has a decade's worth of retail and publishing marketing experience and if furthermore fluent in English and Spanish as well as being competent in German and French! This candidate is looking to relocate to the North West and hopes to find a job in, where they can put their skills to the test by delivering customer focused marketing strategies which will drive revenue growth! The candidate has very desirable skills which involves producing effective acquisition strategies to engaging strategies. Having excellent digital, offline DM and CRM knowledge, this candidate would be the ideal person for any marketing position!

 Senior SEO Manager - £45,000
Are you in need of an experienced Senior SEO Manager? Our candidate has 10 years' experience of working within a digital role and has been responsible for creating and implementing highly successful SEO strategies as well as being involved in managing various SEO campaigns! Having worked agency side and client side, this candidate has clearly had ample exposure to other digital channels such as PPC, Social, Display and Re targeting! 

Digital Account Manager - £20,000
After having two year's marketing experience, our candidate now feels it's time to take the step up in their career by joining a larger company! Our candidate has worked across a variety of channels including paid social, client relationships management, website management, analytics, reporting, affiliates and creative! However, the strongest areas are in PPC and SEO! If you feel that this candidate could be an asset to your business, then get in touch as this Digital Account Manager is available after a 1 week notice period!

SEO Executive - £24,000
Currently working as an SEO Executive for a major online retailer, our candidate is now in need of a new challenge! This candidate is currently involved in developing engaging content for on page copy, regularly communicates with bloggers and carries out the daily management of the social media platforms! With only a 5 week notice period, our candidate could be contributing to the success of your company in no time!

Content Marketing Executive - £24,000
Having had such a successful career so far by working as a Content Marketing Executive for a high profile ecommerce business, this candidate now seeks a new job! Being involved in various aspects of marketing such as Social Media, PR, creating content to tracking campaign performance via Google Analytics makes this professional an ideal candidate for a marketing department, so don't let them slip away!

PPC Account Manager - £25,000
Over the past 3 years, our candidate has accumulated experience by working in both agency and in house roles! Their area of expertise is in Paid Search and throughout their career they have gathered an impressive amount of skills which would appeal to any PPC department! The candidate also has proven experience of working across multiple sectors whilst managing budgets in the excess of £2m per annum!

Social Media Director - £50,000
We have an unbelievably talented candidate who is an expert in Social and PR, while having over 8 years agency experience working with some of the UK's most recognised brands! Our candidate has a proven track record of delivering highly successful strategies and campaigns whilst managing a team of 7 Social Media Executives! With a 1 month notice period, this candidate could soon be heading up your Social Media department!

Senior PPC Account Executive - £25,000
A talented Senior PPC Account Executive is ready to make the next move in their career! Our candidate has previous experience of managing various clients whilst overseeing large budgets which means they have strong organisational and budget management skills! The individual is ready to kick start their new job, after being given a 1 month notice period!

UX / Creative Designer - £450 per day
Do you need a gifted UX/Creative Designer? Our award winning candidate is an expert in mobile user experience design; throughout the triumphant career this professional has also delivered success projects for a number of house hold names! Available immidately and is based in the Manchester area.

Creative Lead Designer - £26,000
If you're in need of a proficient Creative Lead Designer, we have the right person for you! This candidate is based in Manchester and has a strong background within the fashion industry! This candidate is highly skilled across design and studio management and is now looking to take the step up on the career ladder!

Creative UX Designer - £30,000
We have a skilled, creative and driven Creative UX Designer who is based in the Newcastle area. The candidate is currently working for an agency, however they wish to move to an in-house position where they can truly immerse themselves in the brand! With an impressive list of skills and experience, you'd be crazy to miss out on this fantastic candidate!

Senior Graphic Designer - £38,000
Our candidate has years of extensive B2B and B2C experience and now they want to contribute to the success of another company! Being a Creative Project Manager and worked across both agency and client side projects makes thiis candidate very skilfull! If you're in need of a Senior Graphic Designer, then this is the person you need!

Creative Director - £500 per day
We have a first class candidate who wants to use their knowledge and experience to drive the growth of another company! Our candidate is a true genius when it comes to design and UX; they have a variety of experience across most sectors and is a real self- starter! This candidate is able to turn a project around and rebrand, which can influence an entire market! Located in the North West, our candidate would be an integral part of any business!





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