We are constantly contacted by talented and experienced individuals who are looking to learn new skills and take on new challenges and opportunities. Below are our top candidates, have a look and see whether any of them are suited to your business!

Updated on 31st October 2017

PPC Manager - £40,000 – Manchester
With over 5 years’ experience within PPC for top companies around London, this candidate is seeking a new challenge as a PPC Manager in Manchester. They have developed a wealth of experience in multiple areas throughout their career, such as paid search, paid social, display, affiliates, and SEO.  This talented candidate will be snapped up quickly so make sure to get in contact ASAP!

Digital Designer - £30,000 – Manchester
Before working as a freelance designer, this skilled candidate previously worked as a designer for a top fashion retail brand. They are now looking to carry their extensive digital experience and creativity forward to a new and exciting role, looking for a salary of around £30,000. This candidate has a broad experience of digital design, covering a variety of areas such as web, emails, banners, social, print, logos, and infographics, and has extensive experience using all Adobe Creative Suite softwares.

Digital Designer – Up to £35,000 – Manchester or Liverpool
This creative Digital Designer has acquired vast experience within a leading agency, where they have developed skills in UX, UI, digital and front-end development. They now want to expand on their skills in a new role and are eager to work in either Manchester City Centre or Liverpool.

Digital Designer - £28,000 - Manchester
This top candidate is fluent in all things digital design, including HTML, CSS, web design, print, social design, POS design and infographics. They are also proficient using all Adobe Creative Suite softwares. Ideally, this candidate is seeking a role with a salary of £28,000, and has a 1-month notice period.

Social Media Executive - £28,000 – Manchester
After working in social media and content for international fashion brands over the past 4 years, this candidate is looking to begin a new and exciting role in a new agency or for a fashion brand. Throughout their current role, they have established a strong presence on social media, and have successfully managed multiple social media platforms and campaigns. They ideally want to work in the City Centre, or somewhere with well-connected transport links.

Account Executive - £25,000 – Manchester
This candidate has 3 years’ experience as an Account Executive for a top media agency, where they liaise with agencies to plan offline advertising campaigns for a number of clients. They are now looking to take on a new challenge within an agency, where they aim to learn new skills.

Senior Account Executive - £24, 000 – Manchester
We have an extremely skilled and enthusiastic Senior Account Executive looking to expand on their experience and acquire new skills. They have 1-2 years of experience within agencies where they have worked with massive retail clients. Due to their campaign and delivery experience, they have rapidly progressed in their current role and they are always looking to progress further. They are ideally looking for a salary of £24,000, and they have a 1-month notice period.

PPC Account Manager - £24,000 – Manchester
With over 1 and a half years’ experience within a well-established agency, this candidate has developed skills in Google Shopping, remarketing, paid search, SEO, Google AdWords, and many more.  They have wide experience with PPC accounts, and have worked on these across a variety of sectors and industries. They are available on a 1-month notice period and are looking for a salary of £24,000.

PPC Executive - £23,000 – Manchester
This candidate has a strong interest and experience in PPC, but also has agency experience in SEO. In previous roles they have covered several areas of digital marketing including email marketing, and they also have experience in Google Shopping. They are looking for a salary of £23,000.

Digital Executive – Up to £22,000 - North West
This highly competent Digital Marketing Executive has working knowledge of SEO and is highly fluent in PPC. They manage a hefty budget of £725,000 per year. They also are highly skilled and up to date on a variety of platforms, including Google and Bing, and on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Their current role consists of an element of CRM, and they are proficient in basic HTML, Bronto, and Mailchimp. This top candidate is eager to move roles and further enhance these skills.

PPC Executive - £22,000 – Manchester
We have a highly competent candidate with 18 months PPC experience in a digital agency. They demonstrate strong technical skills in their current role as they confidently set up, monitor, and optimise PPC campaigns, as well as being a key client point of content. They are now seeking a new role within a successful business where they can continue to utilise and develop their technical skills.

If any of these top candidates are of particular interest to you, please get in touch with our award-winning team and we will refer them over to you!

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