Officially a week until Christmas! The countdown is on…only 6 more chances after this post to win in our agency advent campaign.

By the end of our agency advent campaign we hope to have an agency for every day of advent! We have been drawing an agency out of our Christmas hat since the 1 December. 


So far there have been some great responses, and yesterday was no exception. We are so pleased that Just Search , Madhouse and Access Advertising enjoyed their Christmas treat from us.


The winning agency for Tuesday 18 December is: advertising agency, Media Agency Group .

Congratulations! Expect a treat from us very soon, and you might even catch a glimpse of Santa when he delivers your festive treat. 


The Candidate Logo - looking splendidly festive! 



Media Agency Group have tapped into the Manchester digital marketing scene recently, and expanded their Manchester base. They see great potential in the digital marketing arena in Manchester. They are impressed with the vast amount of talent in the North West, and they also want to provide small businesses and brands in the North West with the full agency service without travelling to London. We wish them the best of luck in Manchester!


Whilst browsing Media Agency Group's blog we came across an interesting blog post about social media campaign and sweets! Well, we do love both these things…so of course we read on.


In fact, we learnt the three finalists for 'Bring Back a Brand' campaign (a Facebook challenge to bring back the nation's most adored edible childhood sweethearts) were: Unilever's 'Funny Feet', Nestlé's 'Toffo' and United Biscuit's 'Trio.' 


Funny Feet


Here at The Candidate HQ we would pick the Texan Bar to have a comeback. 


Texan Bar


Do you agree? What branded sweet would you like to see make a come back?


Wishing all at Media Agency Group a Merry Christmas from The Candidate.






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