The Candidate are delighted to announce their collaboration with the Bloom North a professional network for women in communication and beyond.  The Northern founding members, MediaCom's Ffion Turner, News UK's Nicole O’Shea and Hearst Advertising's Danielle Sewell had seen the great things Bloom UK had been doing in London, and decided they wanted to bring it up North. Bloom North, now in its second year, have grown a strong board with nearly 15 successful women with a wide range of career backgrounds including Regital, The Guardian, iProspect and Wavemaker, all with one common goal, to connect and empower.



Emma Slater, Managing Director at Wavemaker is Blooms' Head of Mentoring says,

‘I wanted to support women in our industry, particularly young women, by offering them easy opportunities to make new connections, sharing our own experiences to help them grow personally and professionally. We have done this by offering them access to a wide range of speakers who can give them different perspectives.`


Heidi Kenyon-Smith taking time from her busy role as Head of Clients at iProspect has stepped into the role of Head of Social and Marketing at Bloom and explains.

‘I’m involved in Bloom North as I believe it’s so important for women to have a network that supports them as they go through the different stages of their career and life so that they can realise their full potential. I’m proud to be responsible for the marketing at Bloom North and put my 20 years + experience to good use.‘


Prim Patel, Finance Director at Regital has taken on the role of Bloom Treasures and she tells us why she wanted to get involved.

`I'd been to a couple of Bloom North Events and the atmosphere created was so warm and welcoming that when I was invited to be treasurer, I couldn't have been more delighted to accept. The ethos of supporting women in their aspirations whether business or persona is a passion I share so to be involved in helping achieve that is an absolute pleasure for me.`


Laura Walters, Recruitment Board Director at The Candidate and Head of Connections at Bloom North tells us the story of how she got involved and what she can contribute.

'I was inspired by Bloom from the moment that I first heard about the concept mainly because I idolise, respect and look up to the incredible ladies that were first involved with bringing the network to the north. I made Nicole aware from the beginning just how excited I was about Bloom and threw my hat in the ring should I be needed to help at events, putting chairs out, making tea, whatever. I wanted a place in this incredible northern powerhouse!

Earlier this year I am not embarrassed to say I let out a little whoop when I received an email from Michelle and Danielle asking me to lead their connections programme and jumped at the opportunity. I doubted that these wonder-women really wanted me to sit alongside them on their team. It really was a case of ‘you can sit with us’. Melanie and I (who share the role), agree we were welcomed in with warm and bubbly conversation with an undercurrent of, 'we need to get sh*t done here, we have a job to do.` We need to reach as many people as possible in the North and offer them opportunities and paths and give everyone the opportunity to be the best version of themselves.

I feel so passionate about what this network has to offer, not only to women in the industry but to men too. Networking, mentoring, inspiring, making friends and realising that these incredible people that I have watched and admired from afar since starting my career in media sales over 15 years ago are accessible and on a mission to develop, help and network with those around them.

I continue to be determined to spread the word to all those involved in the Marketing Communications space in the north. I would love this network to reach to women in tech, UX, analytics and beyond.`

All in all it is clear that these ladies have a clear vision and plan for Bloom North this year and if you want to get connected, email [email protected] or follow them on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

We hope to see you at one of our events soon!