After attending multiple talks from Pole Star Digital, The Candidate has become extremely invested in the works of their analytics team, so we contacted Lewis Carroll to find out more!


At Numberwang #2, hosted by User Conversion, Lewis decided to further expand on his data visualisation phenomenon by using data software IBM Watson to capture language used around attitudes towards the refugee crisis.

The talk focused on one particular piece of data, which became apparent in September 2015, representing the turning point in changing attitudes towards refugees. The image of a small Syrian boy losing his life in an attempt to find safety in Europe is what represented the spike displayed below.

This proves that data, whether it be in the form of text, imagery or visuals, plays a fundamental role in the changing of people’s attitudes towards a story, and has the potential to transform extremely hostile attitudes into strong feelings of empathy.

They used IBM Watson software to generate keyword results around refugees both pre and post-September 2015, and the difference is astounding…

IBM Watson results from pre-September 2015:

IBM Watson results from post-September 2015:

 So, what does Lewis believe makes a strong data visualisation story?

“To create a compelling data story, it is important to leverage creative ideas, with the right format and an elegant structure, supported by meaningful context and explanations with text, imagery and colour.”

Points to take away…

  • Data is built into the foundations of every story, in every aspect of life.
  • Data visualisation has astounding effects on people’s attitudes.
  • Implementing data visualisation into your analytics business model may help drive ideas forward.
  • Data visualisation is an excellent way of effectively expressing data to audiences with less analytical knowledge.

Thank you to Lewis and Pole Star Digital for sharing their data stories with us, we look forward to hearing what is in store next. 

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