Research reveals 75% of people have never been offered a relocation package, yet 94% said it would make moving for a job more appealing. 

Latest research reveals the large appetite there is amongst candidates for relocation packages in an industry where the skills shortage needs people to relocate. 

The findings have revealed that only 25% of candidates have ever been offered a relocation package, and if employers created relatively straightforward perks, they could benefit from an increasingly transient workforce.

Relocation in the digital industry is an area The Candidate has decided to undertake as a follow up to the previous relocation research in June 2014. Back then they found that 17% of professionals had been offered a relocation package and this has risen to 25% in 2016.  

The Digital Marketing Recruitment Specialist's commissioned research was carried out using 500 UK digital professionals' responses and discovered that relocation packages included temporary accommodation, transport, increased salaries and legal fees. 

However this was a contrast to what relocators had actually been seeking. The highest percentage would relocate to work in their favourite city, with Manchester topping the list. Next was moving closer to family and friends.

Brian Matthews, The Candidate's Managing Partner says "It's clear that the picture is improving but only a small portion of employers are listening to what candidates want. 

"Within The North West there's a real skills shortage and it's across all levels, recently we're seeing increased demand for senior candidates. It's therefore important that employers understand the needs of these candidates in order to attract the best workforce. 

"We've seen an array of relocation perks work to attract candidates to the North West and with so much choice for candidates, employers need to get this right." added Brian. 



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