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In this blog, we will profile the Professional Presentation Skills Workshop.

 We encourage your presence at this event, because it represents the golden opportunity to extend your knowledge in terms of how to present effectively and ideas in front of your clients or your team.

Generally, a single presentation can influence an individual's reputation at the workplace, either positively or negatively.  It's really pleasant when you're congratulated for your outstanding talent in making presentations, but what do you do when you don't feel confident as a presenter and can't retain the attention of those around you?

 The solution would be to forget the uncontrolled nervous non-verbal communication and even the unprofessional visual aids that instead of helping you, they usually make you struggle between your arguments, and sign up for this workshop.

This is what you expect on the day:

  • The 'Power Presentation''s stages
  • Rules for effective visual aids
  • Competition through presentation
  • How to win orders and contracts with a higher price
  • How to turn questions and objections into strong plus points
  • Techniques and skills of a master presenter

It's important to mention that all of these will be delivered by a highly experienced marketing professional, Andrew Thomas, who is currently non-executive director of the digital businesses Auburnise and Return on Digital. His background illustrates an outstanding career, especially thanks to his long term presence within the global advertising agency, McCann-Erickson.


It sounds really interesting, doesn't it?  The event will take place on Wednesday, 25th February 2015, between9:30 am - 17:00pm atTBC (Manchester City Centre).  Book your ticket today! For groups of 3 or more, some discounted rates are applied.  

Now you can start to assess your presentation skills in order to know what needs to be improved.  Maybe the self-confidence?  The visual aids' creativity?  The relation with the audience? Or even the words that are supposed to attract, but they do the opposite?   


For more details about the event, have a look on Manchester Digital website


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