Open For Business

What is it?

Open for Business is a FREE one day conference, that looks directly at Big Data, the Future of Open Source and Digital Marketing strategies. The main intentions are all focused on learning, sharing and the best ways to network within the digital marketing community. This event is definitely not one to be missed!


The conference will be taking place on Friday 22nd November, between the times of 9 am and 4 pm. The location of the conference is set to be at, The Studio, 49 Lever Street, Manchester, M1 1FN.


Anyone and everyone who has a real passion for digital marketing! At the conference, you will expect to see a variety of industry experts ranging from commercial business owners, digital agency directors and marketing professionals. They will all be at hand to provide expert and experienced knowledge regarding all things digital.


Why not? This event is free and is jam-packed with a range of keynote speakers, sharing their expertise through a variety of insightful presentations and workshop sessions.

The keynote speakers that have already been confirmed for the event include;

  • Mark Taylor, CEO of Sirirus Technologies who will be focusing on what the future holds for open source.
  • Harvey Lewis, Research Director at Delloitte will be discussing opportunities and challenges of open source. 
  • Tom Cull, Head of Digital and Aegis Media will analyse how to successfully build a digital strategy.

For more information or to book to join this event, click here now!   


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