Our second blog post, as part of our Digital Agency Showcase, - which highlights the great work of digital agencies in the North West, puts the spotlight on Online Ventures Group


Online Ventures Group was established by CEO Paul Yates to culminate 4 existing Manchester based digital agencies in 2011. 

Online Ventures Group has grown from strength to strength, and prides itself on developing effective marketing strategies for companies that succeed in Google. Here are 4 facts about Online Ventures Group


1. They are not a full service agency. They simply build great sites, rank great sites and get people to purchase from them.  

2. Online Ventures Group are a small team, but this makes them able to maintain close relationships with clients and have fast turnaround with projects.

3. They excel in Data and they collect more UK 'SEO' related data than any other online marketing company.

4. Online Ventures Group take great pride in the great relationship they build with their clients.


Online Ventures Group kindly agreed to take part in our Digital Agency Showcase, and their representative is Head of Social, Matt Aguilera


        Social Media Matt



Hi Matt,


Thank you for taking part in our Digital Agency Showcase.


1. What is your main job role within Online Ventures Group

As Head of social media at Online Ventures Group I develop social media strategies and liaise with the clients to make sure their brief is being fulfilled and they are happy with the social media service we are providing. 

                           Polar Bear

In addition, I often get roped into dressing up when we pull our great marketing stunts. Last week I was dressed as a Polar Bear for #PolarWarming when the Green Economy event was held in Manchester. I always seem to pull the short straw! 

2. Please could you pick a piece of work from 2012, and explain why you have chosen it to represent Online Venture's work?

I have chosen to represent a service we offer, one that is solely unique to Online Ventures Group. We offer insight data reports, which are completed in house, and provide specialist online data analysis and reporting. The team are very knowledgeable in all areas of SEO, PPC and content strategies, and this enables us to provide a client with insightful reports on many online industry sectors within the United Kingdom. This service is one that is unique to us and that is why I have chosen to discuss it.


3. What does Insight reporting entail? 

The insight reporting provides data visualisation for our clients. It is a comprehensive 50-page report completed by the Insight Team. They are proficient in collecting this data and fully knowledgeable in all things online. The Insight Report can provide any kind of research from exotic pet manufacturers, to food manufacturers. How we conduct it is a secret to Online Ventures Group though.

                 Insights Data


4. How is Insight Reporting effective and has there been any positive feedback? 

The Insight Reporting is effective as it is individual to the client and it is bespoke and tailored to their competitors.

This means our client can visualise KPI's and we can provide an extensive intelligence report explaining all aspects of each online marketing strategy.

As this service is unique to us, potential clients have turned into wins, as they have and will not receive this kind of data anywhere else...and we are a friendly bunch to work with of course. 


5. Could you give a tip to a perspective Digital Marketing candidate when applying to an agency like Online Ventures Group?

My one tip would be if you enjoy media and enjoy digital marketing as a hobby then you would be the right candidate for an agency like ours.  

Thanks Matt!


The Candidate's Summary: 

The Insights Data document that Online Ventures Group provides is a unique and specialist service for their clients. Here at The Candidate, we believe that this is a distinctive feature and one that sets Online Ventures Group apart from other agencies.

Big congratulations to Online Ventures Group for a successful 2012 from The Candidate. Here's to another great year!


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