Firstly, Happy New Year to all our clients and candidates, old and new! We're raring to go in 2016 and looking forward to helping fulfil so many of our candidate's New Year Resolutions - finding a new job - at last!

We work with some of the best employers in the region and genuinely pride ourselves in connecting candidates and clients for long term employment opportunities. As a growing company with a great reputation, we want to preserve this so we will ensure that 2016 is 100% in the interests of the candidates and clients we service.

So as a candidate, what is the best way of approaching the daunting task of a new job? Take these top tips into consideration:

Get your CV up to date!

Make sure it is up to date and is in a format which best sells you and your experience! Check out some of these blogs for more information.

CV Tips from The Candidate

Are You a Star?

Is your digital profile up to date?

You can bet that one of the first things a potential employer will do is search on Linked In or Facebook for you once they have seen your CV and are interested. Take into consideration your Digital Profile and make sure that all accessible digital platforms with your profile on them are presentable!

Use a respected recruitment agency

Unfortunately good media recruitment agencies are in the minority. Regularly The Candidate has been described as "one of the good guys" - suggesting unfortunately that there are many who don't have YOUR interests at heart. Choose wisely, it is your career at play here so ensure that you do research on the company and agent who is representing you!

Be clear

Be clear on reasons for leaving your current employer. By knowing this yourself, you can be confident that you are making the right decision and know the nest steps and direction you should be moving in.

Start looking!

There are loads of channels to explore in finding a new role. Adopt as many as you can and take your time in finding the right role. Try to avoid leaving your current role before new employment; this doesn't look good at all to prospective employers. We can help with the job searching and help make sure that the time you do set aside for this is preparing for interviews rather than sending CV's without any response.

Get in touch now for a coffee or informal chat on possibly making that move. You never know, moving might not actually be the right move for you right now and believe it or not we can help you make that decision.


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