Mobile Monday Manchester

Leading industry experts in augmented reality are set to attend the latest Mobile Monday Manchester. The event sponsored by CTI Digital and Apadmi, will be held on the 11th November @ Dukes 92. It is set to feature some the very best companies all attending to provide an excellent opportunity to socialise and network amongst some the leading industry experts.

The event features a panel of augmented reality experts, chaired by Dan Sodergen, an international digital marketing expert and ex-brand ambassador at Blipper. He will be leading discussions on the use of augmented reality across a range of industries including advertising, healthcare, fashion, gaming and science.

The event is also set to include a range of augmented reality demos and presentations, which will include relevant discussion and audience participation. Furthermore, there will be an in depth Q&A to get the audience to participate and receive their views on the main discussions of the day. 

With attendance already high with over 200 registered, this is set to be a great night. This fantastic opportunity to network, gain expertise from professionals AND with free drinks available on the night make sure you don't miss out and book your place now!

Click here for more information and register for tickets.


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