Mobile Monday Manchester is a fantastic platform for developers and exhibitors in the mobile world to speak about their products to a room full of like-minded people. Each talk lasts exactly 3 minutes and is followed by a 2 minutes Q&A session from the audience.

When and Where?

Mobile Monday Manchester is being held on Monday 15th July 2013 from 6pm at MediaCity UK 5th Floor, Quay House, The Quays, M50 2EQ.


MMM is for anyone with an interest in the mobile sector. App ideas, mobile products, new technologies and recent projects will all be presented at this special demo night. Tickets to attend are absolutely free and everyone is welcome.


What better way to start your week then some of Manchester's finest mobile minds demonstrating their ideas and products and giving you the opportunity to question the details behind the innovations.

Want to know more…

To book yourself a ticket to the demo night click here…

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