Want the inside scoop about the culture of a thriving digital platform? Ever wondered how to succeed in the industry, or how businesses in this sector recruit talent? Well it's your lucky day! Richard Wright, Head of Affiliates at OneVoice Digital (TOTUM), talks to us about his role within the company, any advice for others in the industry, and how working with The Candidate has been for him.


Can you please discuss any barriers of recruiting in your industry?

I’d say the two biggest challenges are finding people with relevant experience and who are a good cultural fit for our business.

Experience can be easily seen from a CV or Linkedin profile (and tested in an interview scenario to a degree). But cultural fit is much harder to assess and equally as important. OneVoice is fast-paced and based on close collaboration across departments, so it’s absolutely key to find people who are a good fit with the team.

We try to overcome this by including people from across departments in the interview process as this gives the hiring manager multiple perspectives on a candidate. But it works both ways - the candidate also gets to interview us and see the people they may be working with!


What is the culture like at OneVoice?

This is the number one question we get asked in interviews!

OneVoice is a relatively new company and we’ve worked really hard to make it a very open, transparent and collaborative place to work. Counter-intuitively, I think we’re much better at all of those things since we’ve been working remotely than before the pandemic.

Crucially for me, it all comes from a genuine desire right through the organisation and not just a few token gestures from management. By way of example, we have daily stand-up calls within each work group and a weekly company-wide meeting where everyone is kept up to date of business performance, successes and challenges. Company strategy is also a collaborative process and people at all levels are encouraged to contribute.

I also like to think we’ve created a very safe and supportive environment where people feel they can put forward ideas, ask “silly questions” and make mistakes without fear – no matter what their level or experience in the business.

This all supports a great team vibe where everyone gets along, there are a lot laughs on team calls, and we’re all looking forward to doing some social events really soon!


Describe your experience of working with The Candidate.

I've worked with The Candidate for many years and ultimately what keeps me coming back is the quality of candidates I’ve consistently received.

They have a great profile in the North West which means I can be confident they have a lot of good quality candidates on their books.

They take care to get to know us as individuals and a business which I think helps them sell OneVoice to prospective candidates and ensure a good cultural fit.


Thank you for taking the time to speak with us Richard!


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