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Laura Wilson-Jones joined The Candidate in May this year and she is already one of our highest junior achievers! With 4 years of experience in recruitment, she is now sharing, why she wanted to join The Candidate, her top tips for Digital Marketing Recruitment and breaking down the stereotypes of recruitment industry. 

Recruitment was a natural step for me. I started working in media sales and I really liked the fast-paced environment, constant challenges and building relationships with clients, so recruitment has always been the ideal job for me. It gives me a lot of pleasure to help people with their careers and there is nothing more satisfying than coming to the end of a process with a happy client and happy candidate.

How is Digital Marketing Recruitment different from recruiting in other industries?

I have worked with recruitment in two other industries, but digital marketing is different, due to the constant industry developments. When I joined The Candidate, I had to study a lot of the digital marketing terminology and methodology to get a great understanding of the jobs my candidates were going for and how I could help them find their dream job.

Being a recruiter in the digital marketing industry keeps me on my toes all the time and I love it!

I enjoy keeping myself up to date on the newest digital trends and industry developments. That is also the reason why I wanted to join The Candidate. We all have to be on top of all things digital, so we build up a great knowledge of the new jobs arising on the market.

There are many recruitment agencies in Manchester, so why did you choose The Candidate?

I knew of The Candidate before I joined and they have a very good reputation on the market. I had heard a lot of positive feedback from peoples experience with the agency and that initially stirred my curiosity and I wanted the hear more.

What really stands out to me at that The Candidate genuinely care about people and it is great to be a part of a team who work ethically and have their candidate's best interests at heart, which in turn is no doubt the reason why we are successful. We listen to people and keep them in the loop of what is out there, but never forcing people to go into anything they don't want to do. We don't want to waste anyone's time, so we would never send a candidate to a client who wasn't a good fit for the job or company profile.

We asked Laura's top 5 tips to succeed in Recruitment  

1) Genuine interest in the industry!

Make sure that you are recruiting for a sector that you are interested in, as you will have to engage 100% and talk about everything involving this industry day in and day out. It will also make your job more exciting, as you will understand your candidates' dream job and have a better feel of what they want.

2) Hard work pays off!

All your work you put in to finding a perfect job for a candidate will pay off in the end. Success doesn't just come to you easily in this job. If you're lazy it will reflect on your results and even the best people in recruitment need to put a lot of work in to it.

3) Be honest!

It is important to be honest with people, so you can build up trust between you and your candidate or client. If you get questions you don't know the answer to, then don't lie! If you can build up trust with people, then you can go very far as a recruiter. Unfortunately, there is a bad connotation for recruitment consultants that they are going for the quick wins. However, this is not the case for a good recruiter. The best outcome for me would be that I establish a reliable relationship with a person and they remember who I am and who The Candidate is.

4) Be organised!

Try and be as organised as you can. You're spinning a lot of plates at the same time, so try and make your own life as easy as possible. Recruitment is all about time management; you have to organise your time well, so all administrative stuff can be done and you can solely focus on candidates and clients, as they are the most important to you.

5) Learn from your mistakes and listen to people!

Don't be disheartened by the lows. You can't always control everything, as you're dealing with people. But always learn from your mistakes and focus on your way of recruiting people. You have other people's careers in your hands, so it is important that you focus on doing the best for them and don't just think about fees. Make sure you listen to people and don't hear what you want to hear. This is what this job is about. Recruitment consultants are known as outgoing characters, but it is all about knowing when to be quiet and let them do the talking.

How to succeed in recruitment? Be interested in the industry, listen to people and always put your candidate's career at the centre of what you are doing.

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