media agency interview advice

So, you're getting ready for your first media agency job interview and you're wondering how can you prepare? It's easy to find interview tips online that are transferable across all sectors, however if you're going into an agency environment we have some media specific advice!

Opportunities within media agencies are highly competitive, so if you've got your sights set on a position within one, check out our interview preparation tips:

Clients - Agencies are proud of the work they do, it's tough pitching for business but securing or retaining clients is well worth it. Client wins and case studies are often published online. It's worth checking out the agency website and reading their clients page, this usually features brands and examples of previous work. A quick Google of the agency should bring up press releases and news items in industry press. Also check out their social media profiles and pages. What about any awards they have won?

Check out professional profile(s) -  LinkedIn is an amazing social tool, which allows you to connect, share and engage with professionals within your network and beyond. It's simple to use and free to access, and as you're working media industry 9 times out of 10 your interviewer will have a LinkedIn profile. With a quick search of either their name or company, you should find their profile.

Take a look at their job history and career progression, is there anything that stands out or interests you? This can be a great talking point and shows that you've done your research! 

Industry news, trends, issues etc. - Know the industry you want to work in. Keep abreast of things happening in the media industry - the easiest way to do this is by reading online media publications and following them on Twitter. A few good examples are The Drum, Marketing Week, and  Media Week.

Questions you could get asked range from "What's your favourite media planning campaign?" to "What are the biggest challenges facing the media industry?"

If you don't know the answers, don't be tempted to blag - it's unprofessional and they'll see right through it. Instead, you could suggest doing some research and emailing the answer after the interview.

Be yourself -  Personality is key when working in an agency! Whichever role you are interviewing for, it's probable you'll be working as part of a team and liaising with clients on a regular basis. Let your personality shine through, make your interviewer want to work with you! The most desirable skills in the media world are determination, ambition and the desire to learn and develop professionally - if you can demonstrate these you're half way there! Displaying strong interpersonal skills is also very important in the role, helping you work with a range of people in different seniorities. This always impresses agency employers.

Prepare questions - Remember you're not interviewing them, but if you're seriously considering joining a new company you should have a couple of burning questions. Personally I would ask… "What's the culture like? Are there opportunities for career progression? What client's would I be working on?"

Good luck with your interview and if you have any suggestions please feel free to comment. If you're still searching for your dream media job - check out latest jobs for opportunities in the North West's best agencies.


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