Starting from humble beginnings as an International Relations student in Washington D.C., Peyton Kemp has recently been placed by The Candidate as a Digital Marketing Executive. Read her fascinating story and great tips below on becoming a success in your field!

Growing up in Texas, I had no idea I would end up in the UK. Yet, after a school trip to London when I was thirteen, I knew the UK was where I wanted to settle.

During my undergraduate career in the US, I concentrated on International Relations and so my interest to live abroad grew more than ever before. When I had the chance to study a year abroad wherever I wanted, naturally, I picked the UK. I knew that if I wanted the true UK University experience I couldn't go to London, so after much research I picked Manchester!

My Year Abroad 'Up North'  

Manchester had all I needed; a great city centre and even better fashion! I spent the summer before my year abroad working at my Dad's company doing social media marketing. When I then started at Manchester and had free range to pick my classes, I decided to expand my knowledge and concentrate on marketing. After realising that the internships I'd had in the political field were not what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, I devoted my undergraduate to marketing.

Post-Grad Life

After returning to America to graduate, I was devoted to breaking into the fashion marketing industry. I began an internship with a Californian start up company which was similar to Instagram, but for university fashion. During my 6 months working there, I was responsible for all of the communications to the universities across the East Coast and managing the websites images. After graduation, I decided that to become successful in the field of Fashion, I needed to continue my postgraduate career in Manchester!  This was the best decision I ever made!

Big Move Back to Manchester…

During this year, I focused solely on ecommerce marketing and even wrote a dissertation about the focus of digital marketing on the millennial generation. I loved learning about how the internet had transformed the retail industry. To be successful in the retail industry you truly have to understand what your consumer wants/needs. How you communicate and portray your product depends on your target audience.

"Getting your targeting and segmentation correct can make or break your brand!"  

After taking modules on strategic marketing and international retailing, I became obsessed with marketing strategies and knew that the focus of my dissertation would be on marketing to baby boomers vs. millennials. I loved being able to build consumer profiles which I could then translate to help build a brand model and achieve competitive advantage.

My dissertation and course offered me expertise which allowed me to get a job with the online student newspaper "The Tab", covering fashion.  

I reported on campus style and was able to interview blogger (and my former lecturer), Victoria Magrath, of "inthefrow" fame.  

From there I got a role at The Fashion Network, where I liaised with brands to produce content and soon after starting, was put fully in charge of social media and correspondence with clients.  


My Top 3 Tips to Becoming a Digital Marketing Executive:

  1. Internship- If I were to offer any tips to those following a similar path, I would recommend an internship! An internship not only helps you gain skills, but it helps you to decide if you are suited to that industry.   
  2. Transferable skills - I would stress that you shouldn't feel limited by your education background when it comes to pursuing a career. My background was in politics not fashion, buy many skills from other industries are translatable and can easily help you build strengths in the areas needed for your ideal career.  
  3. Know the industry - I would take full advantage of free blogs or websites for the industry you want to go into. I am on the mailing lists for various marketing blogs and they keep me updated on the latest marketing techniques, so I am always clued in!

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