Are you keen to pursue a career in digital marketing? In this blog we share our expert insights to help you discover how to be successful in digital marketing.

Success In Digital Marketing

1. Get to grips with analytics - If you want to work in digital, it's essential to understand analytics. Analytics underpin digital and are the basis for planning activity and measuring performance. Whether you're working in an eCommerce role, looking for ways to increase conversion rates or you're publishing content, aiming to engage more readers - analytics are key indicators of your progress and will help you reach your goals. There are a range of easy accessible online training resources for reporting tools such as Google Analytics. Get qualified, boost your CV and gain a competitive advantage.

2. Demonstrate your work - Build a portfolio of your work and achievements. Show tangible examples of previous projects that you have worked on which have harnessed successful results. For example, think about including whether you have increased website traffic, conversation rates or followers to social media profiles. If you are applying for a web design or development job, consider creating an online portfolio and put this link on your social media profiles as well as on your CV. Don't worry if your previous work is not directly applicable to the job you are applying for, demonstrate your transferable skills.

3. Build your profile - In an industry built by online communities, you need to consider profile building if you want to get ahead. Start by creating an online presence using social media and join in conversations in your industry. If you have an opinion on a blog or story that you have read online, write a comment or give feedback to the author.

Think about taking your journey offline, although this might seem nerve wracking you should look for opportunities to get yourself noticed. Identify conferences and industry events, then put yourself forward as a speaker, sit on a panel or lead a workshop.

4. Self-teach - There is a massive skills shortage in the digital sector, so if you have a passion for digital and you're motivated enough - why not teach yourself some sought after skills? You might not necessarily want to pursue a career in website development, but if you want to work in a digital environment an understanding of coding will go a long way. There are hundreds of blogs and video tutorials as well as clubs to get you on your way.

You're going to learn a lot quicker and have more fun if you pair your learning with something else that you love. Pick something that you're passionate about and then start a blog! Set yourself goals to increase traffic and engagement, improve your content development skills and SEO technique! Managing a personal blog can work wonders on your CV, check out Laura's story, an Online Marketing Consultant who secured her job at an award winning agency through her blogging skills.

5. Support others - If you're passionate about the digital sector, help pave the way for others in the industry. Help tackle the skills shortage by supporting or mentoring others. Show people that you're serious and build a network of like-minded people along the way.  

6. Know your industry - To get ahead in any industry you need to keep up to date with the latest news, trends, technologies and developments. We are fortunate enough to work in an industry where practitioners at all levels share their experiences, best practices, tips and hiccups, so use these to improve your knowledge.

Digital is constantly evolving, therefore you have to be personally motivated and interested to stay ahead. Follow industry blogs and attend conferences then impress potential employers with your knowledge. There are so many great online resources, we recommend these digital marketing blogs:

It's a good idea to identify influencers in the industry and follow them on Twitter. You could start by looking for digital marketing conferences, then note down who will be speaking at these events. It's likely speakers will have a strong online presence and will be active social media users.

7. Set Goals - Have a clear career focus. Think about what skills and experience you need to reach your dream job and then plan the steps you'll need to take in order to get there. Be confident in your skill set and constantly look out for opportunities for improvement.

8. Consider networking groups - There are a number of networking opportunities on offer for people interested in the digital industry. Forget traditional networking "power lunches", communities in the digital sector tend to do things a bit differently. If you're passionate about web design and development, look for a coding club or sign-up for a digital round table to discuss the latest marketing techniques with likeminded people. In Manchester there is even an annual BBQ, specifically for professionals working in the digital sector.

Our new research found that there are twice as many men working in the digital industry than women, and although not for everyone, female networking groups can be brilliant for those that might be intimidated by this typically male sector. There are female tech clubs, for example, popping up on a regular basis, that are a great support for women wanting to take up more 'technical' roles in digital.

Boost your confidence, increase your connections and broaden your understanding.

If you're looking for a new challenge, be sure to check out our digital marketing job page or if you need more career advice, we've got loads of online resources for candidates.

Feel free to comment if any of these tips have worked for you or you have any more to add.  



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